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    My "first" post in this forum, so here I am. Some here may know me on the other site. I run the "20MPH Club" for guys who prefer to keep their speed under 30.

    For those who don't know of me: I built my first chinagirl 2-stroke back in 2006 and put 2 more engines on it in the next 2 years. After that I had a 2-stroke MTB that I wrecked in a nasty car accident in '09. I rode them almost daily in 3 states over that period of time.

    I now have a Nirve which was 2-stroked for over a year before I converted it to 4-stroke. Hard for me to look back with fondness at the ol HT! I almost have 4000 miles on my HS with 4G and shift kit, and you wouldn't know it by listening to her. She's still like new!

    Anyway, I have joined here so I can help with any knowledge about these I have. I think I can help, and I hope yall find me informative with it.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hey Aledude, howdy, a man such as yourself is always welcome. :cheers2:

    Thumbs up to the 20MPHC!
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    welcome ale !!! :)
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Hey Ale
    Long time no see. Looking forward to seeing you at the
    next SoCal Motor Bicycle Race this sat April 7th.
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    Thanks fellas! As for the next event, I will try my hardest to make it this time. I probably won't be doing any racing, but I'd love to hang out! :grin5:

    I don't seem to be allowed to make a picture album, and no option exists on my profile. Well, here's a few pics of my daily rider as she is at the moment.
    I just installed new bars and my wheelstand busted off. I need to cut them bars down a bit and I'm waiting on a Crow Cycles dual-leg kickstand.

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