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Jul 26, 2013
I am contemplating putting together a motorized bike for fun, travel and gas mileage as well as a hobby and have been lurking for a while.

I have a Gary Fisher Black Mamba bike with a butted chromo tube frame. I'm not sure if I want to use that bike or a junker, or another good used bike. I like the bike a lot. I think I want to stick with a mountain converted to city motorized bike to start. I think the frame on my current bike is strong enough. I do like it as a pedal bike however I may have to use the bike for transportation for longer distances, eg to work. That will save me a lot of money. I like to pedal but getting to work on a pedal bike takes too long.

Another issue is I let one of my buddies use it and mentioned if he came across any hard forks let me know. He put on some other shock forks which weighed twice as much as hard forks (and way heavier than the stock ones) and are horrible. I asked him if he knew what hard forks were and he said he thought it was forks with hard suspension. Then I let him use it again and mentioned my city tires were getting worn out and he put some huffy mountain bike tires on it or something. I let bygones be bygones but I don't let him use my bike any more, especially last time when he used it the back tube blew, and it wasn't the same tube I installed, probably cheap tubes he put in there when he changed my tires.

In other words, he took a lot of good stuff off and replaced it with junk, and isn't much of a buddy any more. At least not one who I would loan my bike to. And another reason I don't like it so much as a pedal bike any more.

To start with, I'd like to install a kit and break it in while saving more money for tires and a disc break. Tubes are a must to begin with along with some tools which most of I already have.

So I'm thinking put good suspension up front (opposite of what I wanted in a pedal bike) and put city tires back on with super tubes and liners, along with a disc brake up front. Start with tires and tubes and then get to brakes once the motor is broken in.

Any opinions are appreciated.

I'm considering going 4 stroke to be more stealthy and better reliability although I don't like the idea of changing spacing on my pedals or the cost, so I'm stuck there.

Thanks and good to meet you,



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Mar 23, 2008
Welcome aboard.

It's too bad your friend disrespected your bike. But no one loves a bike like it's true owner anyway. Probably best that he never use it again.

Sounds like you have some idea of what sort of engine and drive train you want. Keep on reading and you'll know for sure.

Have fun.