Hello Fellow Hominids!

I was browsing the Internet for parts, ideas, and components when I lucked out and found this site. Being the "crank"head that I am, I decided this would be the place to discuss my mad scientist project. Muahahaha!!! I have lurked for awhile, but now I have a few designs in my head, so I may need some experience to guide me on my way to "lightweight" freedom by motoring. Luckily, I just moved to Athens, GA which is a very cool, bike-friendly, laid back place to live. Thats why I moved here- lol! I already have a few people here drooling and waiting for my finished product to emerge. One guy at a coffee stand wants me to definitely drive it by as he is part of a group that tinkers with human-powered devices as well.

So, that being said here is an inventory of what I currently have available to tinker with:
1998 Mongoose IBOC hardtail 24 speed w/ rear pannier available
2004 Cannondale R1000 w/ all dura ace upgrades (drools for a motor!)
2000? scotts 6.5hp pushmower W/ SIDE 'GEAR REDUCED' PTO FOR SELF PROPULSION!!! Muahahahah!
2002? craftsman riding mower 16 hp kohler for donor engine and transaxle
2005 Husqvarna 26 hp vtwin and hydrostatic transaxle (just kidding- no donor. maybe in a few years!) 462cc i think?
2004 John Deere weed whacker split shaft
1997 Stihl brush cutter/ weed whacker
1997 stihl 039 20" chainsaw
2007 all aluminum, lightweight, corrosion free fishing cart 200lb capacity from the larger one. Best lightweight cart product ive ever seen or used!

So now, as you can well imagine, I can't afford the new MTB i was contemplating, I can't afford the Ural Patrol motorcycle with 750 cc boxer engine and sidecar with 2 drive wheels, I dont have to mow much anymore and the husky 26hp is overkill, I dont live near the beach anymore for a fishing cart, so I decided to hybridize the "whole enchilada"

Now, I am planning on upgrading my old mongoose since I would have to spend over $1500 dollars on a bike to upgrade from it onto a new one. I am now in the process of going to better components on the MTB. With this in mind, I will have some donor, older bike parts to use on the fishing cart to make a wonderful, ultralightweight sidecar. In said sidecar, I may have the ability to mount the 6.5 hp or maybe in a dream, the 16hp. Even with the motor mounted, I may be able to have a seat/ trunk/ gear in front of the motor/above the motor. The only other modification I may require is going from a side car to a one wheel trailer that leans with the bike, does all mentioned above, but has its own inherent advantages/limitations just like the sidecar. Maybe if I could design it well enough it could be convertible from sidecar to trailer in a few minutes. Muahahaha!

Keep in mind that my limitations are: that my bike will have no "permanent" modifications, upon arrival at destination, said road or MTB bike can be "uncoupled" for a day of true "bike riding", and the overkill on power serves the purpose of allowing me to make it severely muffled- luckily all are all are 4 cycle and will provide ample torque- and possibly catalyzed for emissions. Range is not a factor as I could used a donor 5 gallon can on the cart. I have two, so it could be 10 gallons! lololol. Wow, 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 5, and even 10! based on range I suppose. Would be nice to go all electric, solar, wind, but let me get this project off the ground first. My other idea is a MTB kayak, but lets not drag out this monstrous idea yet...

EDIT: disclaimer- I, Chris, was of sound mind and body when writing above paragraphs. No illegal drugs of any kind were in my system, and I dont have any mental issues that I am aware of. lolol

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wow! we're gonna have to start a "rubber room" forum for this guy :eek:

hey there, MrCrowley, i hope you're not gonna bite the heads off any small animals :p

welcome to the MBc :cool:


But in the long run, I hope to enjoy many peaceful hours motoring up to the GA mountains 45 mins away (by car speeds), ride/camp/ drink Warsteiners in Helen, GA, and return. Repeat as necessary. lol
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welcome to MBc. If you have any mental issues, I've found that riding my MB is very therepudic but fuels my OCD.


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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc ! :D
we now have an 'alester fiend', and a 'Mr Crowley'
either ozzy fans or into the 'black arts' :LOL:


Just what we need, another nut! I am serious, we are getting low. I checked the locker. Nuts-low so welcome to MBc and just in time. And since you are the newest nut it is now your responsibility to be sure the nuts at MBc are well supplied with new nuts. Please take this job seriously. From the Giant Side of Texas