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  1. wheelsy

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    hi im wheelsy from adelaide australia i currently have 2 bikes fitted with zbox motors 2 48cc motors and have owned a 70cc bikes go really well

  2. gone_fishin

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    hiya wheelsy...a new rider in thinks you've been referred by one of our resident members? ;)

    are you riding today?

    anyway, i happened to be hangin late tonite and saw you sign-up...enjoy the 'board :)

    welcome to MBc :cool:
  3. graucho

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    Welcome to MBc ! Home of may answers, and awaiting your ideas.
  4. Zev0

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    A warm welcome to you Wheelsie
  5. mickey

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    Welcome Wheelsy
  6. Scottm

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    Welcome to MBc
  7. Abeagle

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    Welcome to Mbc. :cool:
  8. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  9. wheelsy

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    hi guys ive have seen this forum before but was too lazy to write i have had three bikes never happy with how any came out of the box so all motors have intake manifold opened up and exhaust cleaned baffles and port matched have taken barrels of and opened ports cut pieces from pistons had my 48 doing 66 kmh the other day
  10. fetor56

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    G'day man and welcome to MBc.
    As per our phone conversation today i'll let u know about any future planned rides.
  11. Stink Bike

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    Welcome to the thunder from down under chapter of MBc.

    Mick from Sydney