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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by thedudeabides, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. I just joined because I just got a used NE5 Whizzer and it almost totally embodies my sick desire to live like it is 1940. I love simplicity and (to a degree) inconvenience so the Old Black Bi#$& and I are a good fit. My neighbours love her too, as now their Saturday early mornings are started with the indescribable sputtering pop as I head to the farmer's market here in Harrisburg, PA. I hope to strike up some good chatter with yinz and maybe you can help me with some of my inevitable technical issues. Frinstance, where can I get a klaxon-style horn for less than an arm and a leg? My electric horn quit and I'd hate to replace it with another whimpy, normal-sounding thing. Keep up the good site, and can anybody tell me more about that awesome military drab vehicle that appears in the page banner?

    Harrisburg, Penna. 15 Nov, 2007

  2. azbill

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
  3. dbigkahunna

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    Welcome to the tribe from the Giant Side of Texas!
  4. uncle_punk13

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    Howdy! Welcome aboard. I think you'll fit right in with the vintage and whizzer crowd... We're here to have fun and help, and many of us try to live and ride like it's still some bygone era as well.:cool:
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    Welcome to MBc. I hope someone has an answer about the horn. I need one too.
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    the green bike is a basic cruiser/basic happy-time/coupla cans of green paint...a unique look, tho, i agree. you'll have no problems gettin' the whizzer how you want it, we got a few enthusiasts onboard who're always looking for more comrades...& with more exposure comes more appreciation for the whizzer :)

    welcome to the MBc :cool:
  7. Thank you all

    It's good to find fellow knuckleheads with an appreciation for all things odd and mechanical, even if you are all out there in the ether. Cheers!
  8. ibdennyak

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    I've found that a loud shout accompanied by the appropriate hand gesture is fairly effective. :grin: Just kidding.
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    Welcome to MBc