Greets to all motorheads!

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  1. RadicalBrad

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    Greets to all!

    I have been mainly electric on all of my rides, but plan to experiment with gas engines soon. My goal will be to create a much quieter exhaust system using off the shelf parts.

    My rides vary from tadpole trikes to long wheelbase bents. I build the bikes at AtomicZombie.

    My reason for wanting to experiment with petrol is due to having miles and miles of rough country roads at my new place. The hubmotors I am running now cannot deal with some of the trials I have to ride.


  2. srdavo

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    Hi Brad!!

    I'm a Zombie, too!! There are quite a few of your followers here.
    I'm really glad you're here.

    I've been watching your new trike come together. Nice Rig.

    have a look around & enjoy the forum.

    Welcome to MBc. :D
  3. RadicalBrad

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    Well thanks! I didn't want to spam the place with links, just trying to blend as I take in all of the great petrol engine info here!

    These are my "current" motorized beasties, all electric. Hoping to do some gas engine experimentation this year, which will include ultra long range, gear shifting, and a much quieter exhaust system.

    Thanks for the welcome!
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  4. graucho

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    Hello "king" of all kings of the atomiczombies. Your link only shows 6 of your designs, wheres the other 45? lol. You can build the pants off of 99% of the dudes here with awesome bicycle design but you have come to the correct place to learn about "getting motored" on a bike. The best MB builders in the world frequent here that can answer or debate any question that may arise. Glad your here Brad. lots of egos here and you may get beat up a little along the way. Ha! Yet, "all in all" it's all good fun.
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  5. RadicalBrad

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    Hey hey, king of paintjobs and all things with bling!

    Yeah, I am just going to sit back and inhale the knowledge. Last time I added a gasser to a cycle was in 1984 when I hacked a moped engine onto a really scary chopper!

  6. loquin

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    Welcome aboard, Brad. Been following your bike designs for a while.