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    I posted in the "over 40 mph club" about my bike. I'll give a little info on the bike, a friend and I built this bike over the course of a year. It's a 2012 fit bike co VH1 bmx, with a HF 212 cc predator. The engine has been modified to get more RPM before valve float. The bike can easily hold 40-45, pushing it, 61 mph by a speed trap. The power is put to the rear end by a TAV-30, then chain drive to the rear tire, that gear ratio works out to be 4.0-1. Before I get comments about lack of pedals and the fact it's wayyy over powered, I'm working on a bolt on pedal system that will qualify it as a bike. And in all honesty, I ride it as is, seen multiple cops, multiple times, and I have NOT been stopped all. I don't know how to link my instagram account, but for more pictures/videoso of the bike, my IG name is: Dooley_from_bro_inc

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    Sacre Bleu!
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    I wood call that a drag