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    I am in Ecuador, originally from Texas.
    I am getting ready to buy this bike engine kit locally and the dealer does not know the true brand name of the engine which frustrates me because I may want to buy aftermarket parts for it from the States. His website is where you can see the engine.
    I was checking out optional stuff on the internet and came across this kit that connects, via two sprockets and chains, to the front sprocket so that the main drive is by your ordinary chain which allows you to shift gears like normal. I´m a speed addict and want to go 60mph down these local mountains! But my question is how can that work without spinning the pedals so that you have to take your feet off them?
    I plan on doing some engine porting as I have experience doing the same for motocross bikes. I will get an expansion chamber also.
    Any advise is welcome.
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    The engine shown on that website is a very typical chinese made 2 stroke (a "Happy Time", or HT engine). There are several different producers. The jackshaft option that allows you to transmit engine power through the primary pedal chain loop is the Sick Bike Parts (a vendor here, and a couple of long time members) jackshaft kit. The secondary sprocket at the pedals is mounted on a free wheel bearing that allows it to spin without moving the pedals.

    Welcome aboard - I hope we get to hear about your adventures riding an MB in Ecuador.
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    Be Careful!

    Welcome, speed freak.

    My advice would be to build a bicycle capable of 60mph downhill rides FIRST.

    Then motorize it.

    No offense meant, but death will be your co-pilot, as it is mine.:sweatdrop: