Ground switch fail and a question

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    Out for a long ride yesterday in our temporarily above freezing temperatures. Half way there, on a bumpy dirt rode, I tried to stop and get a drink, only to discover that me ground switch had stopped working. I coasted to a stop using the choke to turn off the engine. I finished my ride coming home with my panniers full of groceries. Later, upon pulling the bike into my workshop. I figured out that the soldered joint between the contacts of the ground switch and the wire that leads to the engine were pulled apart. It took a few minutes to fix it with my soldering iron and is working fine now. However, the switch seams to be fairly cheaply made and it got me to thinking. What other kinds of ground switches are out there? What about throttles? Let me know what resources there are to order "after market" parts that are compatible with a 4 stroke. Thanks, and have a good day.
    switch fail and a question

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    I don't like the common design of using the switch to short out the voltage from the stator coil. That causes really high current levels for a couple seconds. Best design is having a switch that can interrupt the transmission of the voltage from the stator coil to the CDI. That's how my bike is set up.
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    thanks jaguar ill look into it