Group buy? China bicycle engine kits?

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  1. I was poking (slow poking on dial up connection) around the internet and Googled China bicycle motors. Seems there are makers (GruBee? and others) that will sell you kits BUT you have to buy 50 or more (100) minimum. When broken down the kits come out to around $50.00 each. I don't have any experience with importing or international trade, but this sounds like something that maybe a group could purchase. I know there has to be someone here with international trade experience. I live near Stockton Calif. which has a large port. Can something like this be shipped here and hauled in a cargo container to my place (I have room for a container). There are a lot of logistical issues to figure out. I don't know what the shipping charges would be etc. and if this would bring up he cost of the engines too much.

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    Not sure on how to answer your questions.....but the most important thing is I do not think they can be imported to California like that due to CARB.
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    Which is it, 50 engines or 100 engines
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    I have found both Al.....some require minimum of 50....others minimum of 100. quantities in sets of 50.
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    First to consider....

    The quality of these kits, or lack of quality is well known to us!

    Pot luck shot with no exchanges or warranties of any kind... you may just wind up with a heavy loss or failure rate in the purchase

    Unless you want to become a dealer, I would think this to be kind of like playing the stock market and losing money!
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    I took a look on (Chinese Ebay) and found some kits you guys should find quite interesting!

    I am a Brit currently living in Shanghai China and came across those pages while browsing an English language Chinese Moto forum. Unfortunately I cannot read Chinese. It is very unlikely that the Taobao sellers will be able to communicate with you in English, or be able to ship internationally. But I have heard of companies that specialise in buying and shipping items from taobao for international clients, you'll have to google for them though and I'd check their background out before thinking about using them.

    I wouldn't be too surprised if some of the companies you guys buy your kits from get their stuff from taobao and just take advantage of their English language skills to make a profit selling it on to you guys.

    I've not seen any bikes with these kits in Shanghai, that's probably because <50cc mopeds are so cheap. Ebikes are dirt cheap here as well. There are a lot of trikes here that use kits like these though, they're usually hauling a load of plastic bottles on the back to be recycled.

    List of engine kits

    A kit that looks similar to what a lot of bikes in the gallery here have

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    very good way to jip americans sell us all junk and keep good stuff for your selves
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    Actually... you'll find that all the good quality goods get exported and it's usually the stuff that didn't pass quality control or cheaper knock off versions of the export goods that are sold locally here. :rolleyes7:
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    set up?

    Jack, the folks that DID their homework and bring in those kits really do earn their money! ALL of em! Big & small, good & NOT so good. :evilgrin:

    Someone, somewhere, has got to take the risk.
    And of course they should be rewarded with a profit for taking that risk.

    SURE ! Count me in!
    I'll take a chance and obligate myself for a $50 kit...

    The question is, how many others will you be able to put together, such as myself, (a newbie on THIS forum), AND, how are you going to handle the affairs?

    You are either asking everyone to send YOU money, in advance, or YOU will stand behind the cost of the shipment, PERSONALLY.

    I know what Stockton is... and cost of a drop there, as opposed to Frisco, will be a bit more. There's a reason why the biggest, best, and cheapest importers function within the port of call... Tacoma, Portland, Frisco, Longbeach.... are where they are!

    Someone STILL needs to make arrangements for the dreyage AFTER the import duties are covered. Customs has HUGE auctions periodically during EVERY year for all kinds of products... and the cause may be only that the proper fees and excises were not paid at the proper time.

    Not to belittle your offer of a place to temporarily plant the container, it's setting up all the details, couple with the financing of the deal that is the difficult part. ...and it is worthy of compensation... in other words, profit.

    Still, right here on Motoredbikes Forum is where you have a good chance of making a contact who might be willing to take on the financing of such and operation... probably for profit, but possibly for fun and higher motivations.

    I personally thing every household should have at least a couple motor assisted bicycles because our present method of transport is too bulky and NOT cost efficient, expensive, and bad for Mother Gaia !
    But I haven't pulled the winning lotto ticket.

    Good luck with putting together a set up, Jack !
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    I wonder how much it'd cost to ship a single kit from China to USA via DHL, Fedex or something similar. Definitely over $50.
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    Am I the only one seeing the fact that a good majority of these kits have something wrong, something damaged, something missing or something broken on or inside of them?

    I would venture a guess that there is no exchange or warranties on these kits.... so kind of like throwing away money???
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    ^I wouldn't know, never bought one. Have you tried a few? had many problems with them?
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    Shipping for one..

    I just checked over at the bay...

    $88 shipping for complete $105 kit, buy with papal from mainland china.

    And this is NOT an endorsement of the seller, their product, or business! Lol
    Only that it exists, and I'd think there's most likely many more.

    WMD, I think a majority of the products old are probably 'good', and a good value for what they are. It's a discount offering.

    We all know where we can buy a big name branded cycle in or near our home town from a company with a nationwide dealer network for support, warranties, and even financing.

    Risk is the name of the game!

  15. Thanks for the input guys. I threw this question out because I did see some of the offerings but know little of international trade. LOT of logistical hurdles to consider and I figured the question I posed would raise more questions and see if it was feasible. I belong to a Honda Odyssey (mini van) forum and every once in a while a member gets a good deal on some part or accessory and notifies us of a group buy (I think factory fog light kits for $50.00 was one) and passes the deal on to members.
    Well anyway thanks for the input, it was a nice thought but I think it will be put on the shelf for now. I have a friend who travels to Japan and speaks the language...I wonder what Japan has to offer for bike motors?
    Defiantly DO THE HOMEWORK first and I think this was a good first step.
    Thanks again! Jack
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    it would be a good deal if you knew you could unload them and turn a profit thats why i havent bought a bunch as of yet . People say they want them but dont wanna turn loose of the cash. They talk a good fite but theyre swing falls way short of hitting it's mark .............
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    mostly, the four stroke engines that people here use.

    I don't know what the profit margin is on a Chinese 2-stroke, but I bet it's not huge-- if cost for one direct is $50, and then you tack on shipping, import taxes, port fees, whatever else, PLUS the shipping to get the motors from the port to the individuals who want them... plus all the time it would take to deal with getting 100 engines out to everyone who wanted them.... you're really right back up to what a Chinese engine costs-- around $150 to $200.

    If you have to buy a minimum of 100, that's going to be two shipping pallets worth. Do you know anyone who would want to have to receive and distribute 120 cubic feet of cargo without getting paid more than a bike engine?
  18. I was entertaining the thought, but right now is not the time nor will it be the time anywhere in the near future. It was interesting to hear the different input...good information. As far as receiving 2 pallets, that's no problem as long as the timing is accurate as far as shipping. I'm less that 2 hours to port of S.F. and have access to large truck or neighbor's car trailer.
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    One of you should think of this as a business opportunity, buy a bunch from China and resell them in the States.

    I've looked at the sites that sell bike parts listed in this forum, most of them look like they were designed by a 16 year old 10 years ago. Wouldn't be hard at all to become their competitors.
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    After watching videos of some of the factories.....I wonder how hard it would be to manufacture them, across our southern border.