Grr! First motor bike and need help.

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by treydinatrent, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. treydinatrent

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    Bought a 68cc motor, am having hades getting the chain on. Is there any way I can remove the crank sprocket? Got the nut off, and it seems to be pressed on there. Something looks like a cotter key, but not sure. I can post pics if needed. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. motorpsycho

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    You don't need to remove the crank sprocket or the outside cover to get the chain on.
    You need to have the clutch cable hooked up, and have the clutch handle squeezed in to release the clutch. remove the spark plug, and remove the master link from the chain so you have 2 unconnected ends.
    then, feed one end of the chain in on top of the crank sprocket. Use a screwdriver to rotate the crank sprocket counter-clock-wise, and it will pull the chain around and out the bottom. then, just pull it through, put it on the rear sprocket and put your master link back on. then adjust your chain tension.
    If your chain is too long, you can shorten it while it's on the bike. no need to remove the chain to shorten it (cut links off).
    you will need a small grinder or a dremel tool with a grinding disk to grind off the pins that hold the links together to shorten the chain.
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  3. Ghost0

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    I find the easiest way is to remove the spark plug and the sprocket cover then use the supplied spark plug wrench on the nut holding the sprocket to turn the engine over and feed the chain.
  4. motorpsycho

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    If you have the sprocket cover off, there is no need to feed the chain. you can just wrap the chain around the sprocket.
  5. scokes

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    Unfortunately, This is impossible due to the screw position on the upper-left and the lack of clearance on the top of the sprocket.

    Like ghost0 said, feed from the top, turn procket counter-clockwise with socket....

    Good to see you made it on the forum TDT, Many great people here willing to help, and you've got my number... :grin5:
  6. motorpsycho

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    well, i didn't know that because i have never taken my drive sprocket cover off.I just fed my chain in with the cover on.
  7. scokes

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    No worries, you will. The time will come when you need to pull it of to replace the clutch pin or make minor adjustments.
  8. Hajuu

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    I don't know about you guys, but i'm never wrenching the sprocket so hard that itd want to turn over as to necessitate removing the spark plug.. *shrug*
  9. motorpsycho

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    he's not really "wrenching" on the sprocket, just trying to feed the chain around it so he can get the chain in the bike.
    If you have the clutch disengaged, there is no need to remove the spark plug to rotate the engine sprocket. But, if he doesn't have the clutch cable hooked up yet, then he will have to remove the spark plug to rotate the engine sprocket, because he will be turning the motor over. with the spark plug out, there is no compression, so it will be easier to turn the sprocket to feed the chain onto it.