Grubee 44T sprocket won't fit chain!

Mike S

Local time
11:49 AM
Mar 16, 2008
Another problem with the Grubee kit: The 44 T sprocket supplied with the heavy duty axle kit does not fit exactly with the drive chain supplied with the kit. The chain binds against the teeth and won't sink easily into the slots on the sprocket. Should I have it machined to fit, get another sprocket or what.
At this point I am very down on Chinese manufacturers. Mike
I think that all the kit sprockets require a little filing to get a good fit. At least grind off the chrome coating on the side of the teeth.
I thought so, about the filing. The teeth seem to have the right spacing but they have burrs and are slightly too wide, preventing an easy fit over several links. Yuck!
I've put together several kits for other folks locally and I've found that some require filing and some didn't....Very loose tolerances on the factory pieces but as precaution and to save time from having to take the sprocket back off I always grind each and every factory sprocket before even attempting to install them. Good luck on yours...Have fun and ride safely!
I've finished grinding and filing my sprocket and it works much better now. Chinese
engineering with directions, like "install throttle, install clutch, and go" don't help. There's no excuse for poor directions. It's not that difficult to write out detailed instructions.
Have you ever tried writing instructions in Chinese before?

I understand that American companies care about globalization, but the Chinese shave off 10 cents everywhere possible because they're about making money.

Remember that a business can only choose from 2 of the 3: cheap, quick time to market, & good quality. Both American & Chinese companies feel that quick time to market is fairly essential, but they differ too much on the price vs. quality aspect. Buy Chinese if you want a cheap toy... Buy American if you want the best toy.
Just file or grind down the pointy teeth to a more rounded shape (about 1mm should be enough) - do the same with the 9 tooth drive sprocket. Your chain will travel much more smoothly - especially the 415 heavy chain. sir-wazza
I filed the heck out of it and it works now. Who's worse as a designer? Bill Gates or Chinese manufacturers? Mike S
Bill Gates, because he's trying.

The Chinese manufacturers are just copying others work... the copies of good engines and such, tend to work pretty good. I don't think there's much innovation going on over there. They're not designing anything... they're not innovating new ideas... they're just copying.

And as Steve Jobs once said... "Good artists copy. Great artists steal."
Forget the 415- use a #41. Higher quality, stronger, fits the sprockets better, less expensive.