Grubee 4G email reply really vacuums like a hoover

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recumbentbill, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. I would like to get the new 2010 80T HTD pulley,belt and 10T sprocket with the shaft upgrades that Grubee shows on the china-gas website. I checked out all of the grubee dealers in the states trying to find these parts with no success. I emailed Don and got a responce saying quote

    "Hi Bill;

    Sorry: Most USA WD's just ordered complete 80T 4G kits and cared less about offering any upgrades. Next time you're in my neighborhood please stop in and you can get a 80T with oneway brg. and 10Toutput sprocket. I'm 200km NW of Shanghai. "
    Cheers DG.
    All those parts are listed but not available????
    So I guess if I want a 80T blah blah I'll have to buy a new complete 4G kit. Now this really vacuums like hoovers,kirby's, electrolux's and all major brands of shop vacs:veryangry::annoyed::ack2:

  2. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Good morning Bill,

    I have a Grubee 4G T Rack Kit, since this June.

    So I am SOL if the belt breaks? This stinks.

    Why can't Don do some "customer serivce" and help a brother out? :)
  3. Belt

    Belts can be had from and a few other parts for the 4G 100T kit that we have. But if you want to upgrade to the 2010 90T, 80t , belts , drive output sprockets etc you are SOL unless there is a dealer out there that has the parts. I,m glad I found a oil lite bushing replacement because would not sell me one of theirs even though I bought the kit from them:rolleyes7:
    To be fair Don did offer to bring some spare parts in his luggage when he comes back to the states in time for deer season
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    Pfeifer Industries?

    How about adapting another companies pulleys to your Grubee 4G? Pfeifer industries is a manufacturer of metric timing belt pulleys and also sell the various belts needed.

  5. foggybottom

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    Hope you can provide some answers.

    Oscully, you sound like a busy guy. Reading a couple of your two year old writings I saw you obtained a centrifugal clutch with 5mm pulley from Max torque. Did you go right to the source or one of their dealers. I was so unhappy with the clutch from Grubee that I ordered one from Staton. Staton says, and I agree, the Honda 50 crankshaft is 15.8mm in diameter and the 5/8 inch bore of the Grubee clutch is a sloppy fit (.003") on the Honda shaft. Earlier Grubee literature says the Honda has a 15.8mm shaft. Although the clutch rotor from Staton didn't work for other reasons, it certainly fit the crankshaft better. How did the Max-Torque version work for you?
    I haven't even started to mount the Grubee and I'm getting the impression it's already obsolete. I may just start from scratch if I can solve the clutch problem. Appreciate any info you can provide.
  6. ocscully

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    The MaxTorque clutch I bought directly from MaxTorque. It was a left over from a special run of clutches that they built for a client doing some kind of a Robot Project that used the Honda GXH50 for a power source. It was designed to work with the GXH50 motor and its high idle rpm. The MaxTorque Clutch is a great clutch, but due to its large (4 & 1/8th in. dia.) does not fit in the various reduction units Grubee offers for the Honda or HS motors. The EZ Q-Matic drive uses a MaxTorque Clutch on the output shaft of their unit and the drives from Firebelly Cycles use MaxTorque clutches as well.

    My current bike (daily rider) is a Schwinn Skyliner with a Honda GXH50 motor mounted to a SBP 4-stroke Shift Kit. I've just recently switched to the Grubee 4G Belt Drive after wearing out the clutch in my Type III gearbox and then being unable to get the newer replacement clutch to work to my satisfaction in the old gearbox. The Newer clutch from Grubee/bicycle-engines .com is a major improvement over the older style clutch. But it has some problems that need to be addressed. I've been playing with different spring rates to adjust the stall speed/engagement rpm. I've also had the clutch bell and driver separate recently

    I'd be interested in hearing more about what you are trying to set up and also more about your attempt to use the Staton Clutch and why it didn't workout?

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    Changing plans it's only money

    Ocscully, I've been so slow you may be thinking I've fallen and can't get up. No ,things take longer as you age and I've just fallen behind and can't catch up. If you read this link I won't have to type as much .
    In regard to your question on the Staton clutch rotor; it fit the Honda crankshaft perfectly, but it was for the 78mm clutch bell and the Grubee 4-G clutch for the Honda is 83mm.
    I've talked to a lot of folks including the guy at Pfeifer Industries, and decided I didn't want to spend the time to re-engineer the Grubee drive. Therefore I ordered an EZ Q-matic drive as I'm impressed with the design. I've built a lot of things and am currently riding a tadpole trike with a 36V motor and one of the newer battery types. It performs well with a Shimano 8 speed planetary gear rear axle. It can go faster than I want to, but is a little wide for some of the trails I like.
    By the way, the EZ Q-matic uses a shim to get a good fit on the Honda crankshaft. Some people are paying attention.
    I'm going to have to read more directions to learn how to post some photos. Foggybottom