Grubee 4G honda trans FYI

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by recumbentbill, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Have had my 4G honda trans which is bolted up to a HS[honda clone] for about 7 months now. Here is what I have found out and two problems I have encountered. The first problem is the so called oil lite bushing. This bushing is junk. Really not sure if it is a true oil lite bushing. The bushing {in my case] did not stay lubricated very long. I would have to remove the bushing after every ride and soak it in hot oil. The last time I tried to remove the bushing the flange broke. The other problem was the centrifical clutch. The screws[three of them one for each weight] came loose and caused the weights to stay engaged. The fix is easy.unscrew the weight screws, apply thread lock, replace screws and boogie. I found a replacement oil lite bushing. Its not exactly the same lenght but the inside and outside diameter are exact. The length is 20mm vs the stock 25mm lenth is not a issue. The 4G now operates like it should. hoo ray . For those that have this trans you can get the oil lite bushing from

    the part # is 6659K33

    Price is about $1.50

    I ordered several:helmet:

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    Thanks for the post, and thanks again for the bushing oil how to.

    Can you explain the why on the heat, and wax?

    Thanks. :)
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    Thanks for the info Bill. I just put together the same setup (engin/tran) and the dang clutch drum and drive sprocket seperated. It seems the sprocket is pressed in place, and the clearence between the clutch and drum will not allow it to be welded. I have to try to locate a drum. Any help would be appreciated
  4. warranty???

    The engine and the trans both should have a warranty. I know has warranties on thier 4 strokes and the 4G. Your drum should be covered
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    Found out they are covered...thanks....also thanks for the heads up on the bushings. Just ordered two.
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    Bill, Just received my bushings. ID is ok, it fits the shaft with minimal play; but OD is a tad to large for the clutch drum sprocket. I think it's because I had less than 20 miles or so on it before the drum/sprocket seperated. I'm sure once I get a few miles on the new drum (when I receive it) it should work ok. thanks again for the info. Waiting for a new drum is like watching paint dry. Life was good untill.... ANTICIPATING....
  7. snug fit too

    Mine felt snug too but a little oil and a tap or two it slid right in. This new SAE 841 oil lite bushing is by far superior to the stock bushing. Ive been riding any where from 30 to 60 miles every day with no problems. The old bushing would have dried out after 10 miles.and would have caused the engine to die when coming to a stop. Its so nice to come to a stop and listen to the HS purr at idle
  8. sprocket size

    Hey Domino. are you using the rag joint on the rear wheel.Just curious what size sprocket you are using. My axle hub sprocket choice is limited I originally had a 56T which was way to granny. Now i have a 48T. A 44T is the last choice. The 48T cruises comfortably at 23mph. The 44 should bump the cruise speed up but since I have hills in my area I might stay with the 48. Its nice to pull the hills with out pedaling
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    I'm using the 48 tooth sprocket that came with the kit. I put it on one of jim's sprocket adapters which is, or should I say was working out great. Not to many bad hill where I ride. I had thought about the 56T, but decided not to put it on unless i needed too. The bike was pulling a 4-6 degree upgrade without me pedaling at full throttle. Just waiting on that clutch drum to arrive. Would love to have had it for the week end. Guess I'll be riding the friction drive