Grubee 4G T Rack Mount Kit 4 Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by occchopperfl, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Grubee 4G T Rear Mount 4 Sale

    Smooth 4 Stroke!

    Literally < 1 mile on the engine. Bought mid June.

    (Im going in another direction.)

    I also ordered a 44 tooth rear sprocket. Both sprockets center holes are machined out to fit over coaster brake dust cap.

    Also included is some US hardware, as I was going to swap out chinese parts, paid $15.00

    If I remember correctly, I paid:
    299 kit
    20 extra drive sprocket
    38 ship
    56 machined 2 center holes on drive sprockets

    Looking for BEST OFFER, shipping included to the 48 via PAYPAL please.

    Thanks for looking. :)
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    Hi All,

    No interest?

    How about this, Ill take "INDICATIONS OF INTEREST - BID":

    Post in the thread what your best offer is, and well see if a "reserve price" has been met or not.

    I will post actual pics if there is an interest - bid.

    Does start bidding at $240.00, shipping included make sense?

    Thank you and happy bidding! :)
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    Hi All,

    I recently just got an PM interest, and just wanted put a post to make it go in a "new post" category.

    Any additional interest guys/gals?

    Thank you.