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    So this is my first post. I am sixteen years old and have already had a successful 66cc powered bike with a motor kit from BoyGoFast. That was until the bike was wrecked. A year later i am ready to order another kit. I am only into the in-frame 66cc kits like the Grubees. I don't like friction drive or electric and four strokes don't appeal to me much. I have done my research but still have a few questions:

    1- Are the Grubee kits as good as they seem? The standard kits, available from an infinite number of eBay sellers, are as basic as it gets. It really surprised me when i found one branded Skyhawk. I started researching an realized that the Grubee kits come with such higher quality parts! They even have a website partnered with China Gas that has their history and any accessory or modification possible! This leads me to my second question:
    2- Is Grubee truly the creator/pioneer of/original brand of these Chinese kits? Their product, compared to other kits, always seem a step ahead and more modern. which leads to:
    3- Do the unbranded kits come from the same factories (grubee's site tells where they are made but i don't remember names. Yuang something something...) and distributed by China Gas, or are they all just copies made by many different "robber" manufacturers. My assumption is that all these eBay stores order the cheapest possible combination from Grubee/China Gas and remove any branding.

    Im just trying to get the background right because i know a lot of people get confused over the endless numbers of slightly different kits. Happy riding to you all.

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    Good? they are equal to their price. They get better as you upgrade them.
    Grubee is the name of the American who brought these engines to the USA, so he is not the creator. He has served as technical advisor for the manufacturer.
    I suspect they are made by various factories.