Grubee cylinder vs everything else

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  1. Frankenstein

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    What's the quality like on a cylinder for a true grubee vs another off brand motor? Is the chrome plate any thicker or more durable than what you would find otherwise?

    Anyone heard of putting a cast iron sleeve in one of these? Or finding a cast iron cylinder and using that instead of the jug we normally use? I've seen a couple of cylinders for various engines using cast iron, also saw a sleeve for a Yamaha or something, but it was a 50cc, undoubtedly the timing was way different considering the cylinder diameter was the same 47 we use.

    I saw a few jugs that were cast iron but didn't have cooling fins, I just figured they were liquid cooled, I've seen some options for brazing aluminum to cast iron, might be a viable option, a cylinder like that would just last for so long it would probably outlast the bottom end.


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    I had to return the skyhawk engine kits I ordered about a month ago. the chrome in both cylinders was pitted. Just ckecked tracking, and they were delivered 2 days ago. Still haven't got a refund to my account. Some outfit out of Ontario.
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    Honestly that doesn't even look like a grubee, the ports look like crap, along with the top edge of the cylinder.. What is the name of the company exactly? is the only official Ontario supplier of grubee engines. The other Canadian source is quinte motors, if anyone else sold you the motor they are cheating you..

    I think my very first motor had a pocket or 2 in the casting in the cylinder, I got it from gas-bike, but they are rather notorious for selling sh*t.
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    Oh out of curiosity maybe if they are the real outfitter, then take that info and pictures and send it to the supplier grubeeinc, I somehow doubt that they would send 2 motors side by side with holes in the cylinder to a dealer just to by chance have you buy both.

    Almost sounds fishy like the crap gas-bike pulled and the reason why they don't have rights to sell grubee motors (but still lie and put fake stickers on it and sell it to people)
  5. gary55

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    They are called motorizedbicycleusa. Google it. It was a skyhawk.
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    I always wondered the same thing. Wouldn't Iron cylinders be better for two stroke engines since they can handle high temperatures better are are less susceptible to warping?
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    The chrome quality is about the same, as far as I can see.
    I've only seen a dozen of them and half were scratched up from lack of oil, filter, detonation or heat..

    The cast iron vertical Minarelli cylinder will fit on the 66cc engine block with a lot of work.
    It was used in the Yamaha Jog in the 80s and 90s.
    $50 cylinder and piston kit.
    $15 head, although the China Girl head will fit
    $150 Exhaust because it is 24mm pipe and different flange
    $30 reed block
    $25 intake manifold
    $$$ 6mm spacer made up to adapt the cyl to head
    $$$ machine work on cylinder to make fit.
    Not cheap to make it work. Chromed aluminum deals with heat better than cast iron IMO.
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