Grubee freewheel sprocket?



More safe operation than with standard clamp to spoke sprocket attachment.
Freewheel sprocket hub allows easy pedaling with engine off.
Hub flange sprocket attach ensures true alignment and no broken spokes.
Drum brake included optional:

Anyone know how this works? Is it an actuall freewhell on both sides? Even for the motor drive?

I'de like to know more about this myself,anyone had practical experience with this?
Correct me if I'm wrong , but That's only a freewheel at the sproket because the motor is a pull start. The cranks that are there are cranks that are made wider to go around the motor/ to have clearance around the motor I don't think those cranks are freewheel.
Again I might be wrong.
My Staton has a left hand freewheel on the engine drive. They are great and will spoil you rotten. With the centrifugal clutch, just back off the throttle and you're coasting. As for peddling, absolutely no drag, won't even know the engine's there.
fetor that's the keyed non freewheel hub, isn't it? if so i have one. once you put the whole thing together the band brake is held on mostly by having nowhere to go, it attaches at the front to the bike with a bracket that is soft enough to form fit to your bikes tube. i have managed to get reasonable breaking power out of it, but i would compare it to the old caliper breaks at best, it has no skidding power at all. I now have a dual pull brake leaver setup on my bike that uses the front disk brake as well, between the two i feel safe.
My idea is to use this Heavy Duty hub in conjunction with the 44T sprocket & method of mounting it.Later if wanted i could swap to other sprocket tooth sizes,it's the mounting system that i'm concerned with.You would need to redrill the sprocket to swap to commonly available HT sprockets but that's no big drama....6 hole to HT's 9 hole.
I bought this to use with a dual-suspension mountain bike with a Titan rear kit.I'm not interested in the drum brake only the heavy duty sealed bearing hub with it's sprocket mounting system.
In order for it to work i had to tap out one of the bearings with a piece of wood & swap the axle around & use a single sprocket with freewheel.The derailleur also needs to be locked.
Today i'll order heavy duty spokes & later lace the wheel but i can't see why this won't work.....i'll keep ppl posted.
P1010057.JPG intention is to use all this with a heavy duty,wide rim & Maxxis Hookworm 26X2.5 tyre.
Does anyone know where a Grubee freewheel sprocket can be purchased?

I am a very happy owner of a ThatsDax 48CC.

I am intrigued with the idea if this Grubee freewheel sprocket. However, I do not see how I can purchase one. Does anyone else know?

I've tried a 7 speed & 6 speed cassette on this rear hub & they don't fit.Hopefually this week i'll try a 5 speed & it will fit,rather than a single speed & locking the derailleur.