grubee gear stage 3 box

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  1. cigron

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    I would like to know if any one with A grubee
    stage 3 gear box keeps it kocked in gear all the time.
    It`s A pain in the axx to keep it adjusted. Any help would
    greatley appreciated.

  2. ocscully

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    I keep mine permantly engaged, and I know several other members here do as well or at least reverse the action of the cable so the default position is engaged and then you would squeeze the lever to disengage. It's pretty simple to lock the cable at the adjuster on the gearbox. I use a brake cable anchor and press it against the adjuster and then pull the cable by hand and tighten the anchor then cut off the excess cable. (See photo below) I've also gone to the trouble of reversing the action of the two springs on the engager arm so they[ are pressing the two couplers together instead of pulling them apart. This way if the cable anchor slipped for some reason the engager will stay engaged. Another thing I've done with my gearboxes is weld up the 11t freewheel.


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  3. cigron

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    Oscully. Thanks I like. Ill do the cable thing how I have A 10 tooth
    sprocket and shaft for it that should be here after the holiday.
    Then ill do the spring thing.