Grubee gearbox leaking


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9:11 AM
Apr 10, 2008
I run my gearbox wet. I use a 50/50 mix of gear oil and stop leak. As I am driving, the lube leaks not from the front of the gearbox but from the back where the output shaft comes out. Am I filling the gearbox too full?
4 ounces is plenty. How much did you put in?

When I put a little over 5 ounces in, it dripped from the sprocket. At 4 ounces- no problem.
started with 4 but started adding more. Ill just let it come out and that will be the right level. Thanks

This should be a different post but whatever. When im moving and make a left hand turn(leaning the bike) the gears seem to grind for some reason(almost like they are popping). Going straight and leaning left there is no problem. Does anyone with the same gearbox have the same problem? This happends regardless if im engaged or not. Thanks:)