Grubee goes to Hollywood

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    Since embarking on our business in Australia three year ago, ZBox Australia has built a sound business on a foundation of honesty, quality, customer service and integrity.
    I gave Don Grube the opportunity market his products through our ZBox business - he refused our offer and instead went with an imbecile. Both Grube and his illiterate acolyte have been harassing ZBox with threats and intimidating correspondence over the years that we have chosen to ignore it until now.
    Here is the link to the latest Grubee intimidation. I shall leave it to all to form their own opinions on this matter. Personally I wish they would just go away and gain some basic marketing skills and some sense of common decency and leave ZBox alone.
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  2. motoschwinn

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    I see no value of this kind of a post.
  3. augidog

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    china, their engines, and the people who comprise the trade-conduit...all main reasons i resigned as MBc-Admin...i simply won't let my name be associated with any of the money-grubbers, nor will i assist anyone in selling or buying illegal engines in the USA.

    in the USA, at least, there is a very definite line seperating profit & greed...many have crossed it, blatantly showing their true colors to the market...i, too, hope that the chinese-engine market keeps eating itself from the inside out:

    great post, and thanks for taking a stand.
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  4. Link was removed lol!
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    Afterlooking at alot of pics of the grubee system the more I like it and if this friction getup doesnt do the job Ill sell it and consider the belt system. My question [confused] this a good thing for grubee or a mark against them? If I do go belt drive grubee system seems like the best kit. BRAIN FART! GEBE system rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Warren...i've had contact with u a number of times by phone & email & have bought 6 kits from u in total....NONE have turned-out to be duds.
    Continue to go your own merry way with your marketing & sales strategy,also listening to customer feedback.For christ sake DON'T get involved in personal slanging matches cos it's a BIG,FAT waste of time/money & effort.
    Your well respected here in Oz(and probably overseas) & have loyal following.In other words your doing something right.......ride-on. :)
  7. augidog

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    lemme clarify my seemingly harsh stand...if the happy-time ever winds up sporting a legit EPA Ph2/CARB II label, i'll be in line to snag one...but i don't consider it my responsibility, as a consumer, to babysit a market that's based in such an economically and politically unstable environment.

    nothing against the chinese workingman, and i know this isn't a popular view with the american workingman, but i'd just as soon see these smokey-bandits brought into compliance or effectively banned.
  8. HoughMade

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    I agree.

    A war of words in the "new media" does nothing. If there is a legal issue, take it up in a way that could actually end in a resolution. If not and it's just name calling (on one, the other or both sides), leave us out of it.

    If you are far and away the leader in a market segment, it only lowers your profile to engage in petty bickering with a comparative bit player.
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    sir-wazza: We (the moderators) don't feel that it's appropriate to be posting this sort of thing here. We don't care if you add a post in the vendors forum, with a description of your goods and services, as well as a link to your site. That's what that forum is intended for. And, if someone asks about your products, or what is happening with your suppliers, you can certainly answer, & provide links to your site.

    However, we don't appreciate being put squarely in the middle of a supplier feud. That is not our role.

    Please understand. Personally, I feel that what Don Grubee is doing is reprehensible. But, that doesn't mean that this website should be forced into the middle of your issue with him.

    Please respect our wishes in regards to the content of your posts.

    Thank you.

    The moderators at MotoredBikes.Com
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  10. sir-wazza

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    you're right

    Okay - I am sure you are 100% correct. I shouldn't be hanging out my dirty washing in public. This Grube character made me so angry that I lost the plot. Tell me how I can remove this indiscretion and I shall get rid of it?
  11. BoltsMissing

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    Hello Warren,
    I don't understand the video, but has he succeeded in halting supply to you by way of threatening the owner of the factory ?
    Why can't the factory owners in China make a stand or this Grubee charactor has "other" means of acting on his standover threats ?
    I don't understand how he alone can empower that woman's contract and have it torn up.

    Ofcourse he is angry, the kits were once $700, an obvious exploit and he has been "sprung".
    I bet he is making more money now selling more kits at a reduced price, but upped his work load.
    Well, too bad, we all gotta work.

    Thanks in your effort and determination to have the price of the kits at a level we can afford.
  12. sir-wazza

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    Thank you for your kind support. I don't understand the purpose of the video either because we will have our normal shipment of 500 units loaded at Shanghai on 18 June. The tragic man has very little credibility in China and even less in Australia.
    I don't think the dear people in the video knew that he was using them or even understood what he was going on about. Grube is aptly described as a fool by my English-speaking factory go-between.
  13. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Why can't we make these engines ourselves entirely in our own country by now is what I don't understand.

    We have enough unemployed skilled labour due to developing countries selling their carp, once a small foundery is set up, these engines and kits can be made here.
    Sure it might cost initially , but it will be better, correctly casted and made, and transparant so we know where these a re coming from.

    There are going to be more "Grubess" yet to come, with over 2 billion chinese population, demand in oil, this just the start of a problem.

    Time to look at long term solutions so we are not dependant offshore, a complete bicycle and engine can be made here in Aus,USA, UK, or Europe.
    A standard blueprint, a mould for the castings and just make it to fit a bicycle while we go about our business getting from A to B and back while the rest of the world can glut in their own oil.

    Linux is the same, free open source code for the basics, but ya want work done on the code, there is a whole industry out there.
    The same in principle, the blueprint and method is free, the basic knnowledge and knowhow free, but to get it done is a job with pay.
    We don't need the Chinese or the Indians for that matter make these bikes
    and engines for us and we don't want one or 2 manufacturers so the product is dangled on a stick like a carrot.
    I'll be content then in assmebling the bike and engine, plus the servicing that goes with it thereafter, but I know it's a product you buy once, and afterall it's only a humble bicycle and 2 stroke engine doing 100Km per Litre of fuel while the price of fuel is around $1.50 per litre, these market forces come directly from Grubee Land where Singapores set the price.
    People, wake to yourselves, the slants are loooking after thier own.
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