grubee gt series engines

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    curious to ask if anyone has the grubee skyhawk gt-5 or gt4 engines. or maybe both. looking for diffrences in both or even compared to other similar/same engine of other makes. just trying to gather some input and info for possibly a future build.

    since this is still a HT motor would you still apply the same parts swapping as writen in previous posts(eng studs, bolts, hardware, etc.)????

    another would be the difference between the starfire gen II and gen IIa, specifically any info on the steel lined cyl gen II and alum cyl gen IIa. any comments and real working time, or even breaks?

    its kinda of hard to look for specific comparisons when most lump these motors in one name....HT. some of you guys would know more than me and maybe it does stand true...there all the same, but i wouldnt know and Im trying to find out. forgive the ignorance.

    i know theres a love/hate with these little engines. Ive read enough to know this can spark some sort of difference debate, which is not what Im looking for. looking for personal experience on specific models by make and model if possible. TIA


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    I think GruBee is just about the father of importing these little engines. I have been following these little happy engines for a few years. His stuff is a little more expensive and he got out of the import when the engine was banned a while back. Now that they have a cat to clean them up it looks like he is back. As for an engine that has a steel liner, I would think it would be an engine that would give good service. On his site he has all the goodies to keep up with the best running mods, I was glad to see him back. The company he uses seems to listen to his desires and it looked like he was going to be the one that would have had the best engine. Have fun, Dave
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    too bad they dont make a steel cyl 67cc(80cc).....or do they?
    steel would seem more likely better for the wear.