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    Finally got my wheels back from the bike shop after almost three weeks. Worked on getting the drive sprocket put together...but I have a feeling I may have gotten it installed backwards. The reason...the drive sprocket on the EZ Matic is at least 1/4-1/2" off from the 56 tooth rear sprocket. All ready gotten the EZ Matic up against the seat post with no more room to push it in. The pedal sprocket is right on.

    When I put on the wheel assembly today...the rear sprocket is that much off from the one on the EZ Matic. I also noticed that others put the nuts against the spokes...while mine were against the brake drum. Do I need to flip the rear sprocket around opposite of what it is now? Are the different sides of that freewheel different sizes? Could someone provide directions on the correct way to set this up? Not coming with directions and the ones on Grubee's site are as clear as mud...anything I can do to get this aligned would be greatly appreciated.

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    Almost done...

    My buddy and I flipped around the hub and the sprocket. The chain alignment is so straight we almost couldn't believe it. The chain has never been that straight in the years I've been building and riding.

    Note: If you're considering going with the Grubee HD freewheel...make sure you put the nuts toward the spokes. This was the only thing which messed us up.

    We did have the hub assembly come off the sprocket connector...but we rounded up all the bearings and put them all back into the races with an ample amount of grease.

    Another issue was the spring loaded tensioner with a sprocket. No matter where we put it...made the chain too tight. My buddy is a DIY thinking and he's going to spend the weekend figuring out a way to get the tensioner put on to guide the chain.

    As soon as we trim some brake lines and make sure everything is out of the way and tight...we'll put a little gas in my new 1 gallon rear mounted tank and see if she kicks over without any issues. That may be Monday or Tuesday.