Grubee HS 49cc 4 stroke 4G crank sprocket questions

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by bikejock, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I'm getting a Grubee 4G 4 stroke kit because it has one of the best T belt transmissions out there for these engines and I plan on using it on my GT Dyno Deuce cruiser. I would want to use the original stock GT crank sprocket currently on the bike but it would cost me $100 more for a one piece to three piece wide crank shaft adapter from phantom bikes. What is the radius(in inches) and number of teeth on the included crank sprocket in the 4G kit? I wouldn't mind using the included crank sprocket but I would want to keep my chain guard on for the pedals at least. The Grubee crank sprocket looks a bit big and I would hate to have to remove the chain guard or have to add links to my chain. Adding links can be frustrating and adds more work and parts. I also like to try to keep things as original as possible on my Deuce. But if it means motorizing I wouldn't mind changing something out to make it work.

    I'll be ordering the Grubee 4G kit on the last week of April so I hope to have the Deuce motorized by around then. I can't wait to start building it and take it on it's first test drive.

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    Don't b uy it from Gasbikes
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    I'm actualy getting my kit from a site called bicycle Found a Grubee 49cc HS 4G 4 stroke kit there for only $300. $80 cheaper than other retailers. They seem to get good reviews on their 4G kits.

    Now let's stay on the topic which is, what are the specs of the included crank sprocket in the HS 4G kit? (teeth, size etc.)
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    I found out on bicycle engines that the 4G pedal crank sprocket is a 44 tooth and 7 1/4 inches. Looks like it matches up with my original pedal sprocket so I shouldn't need to mod my pedal chain in any way.