Grubee & HT kill switch


Irish John

The kill switch I got on my Grubee kit from was the exact same as the throttle and kill switch I've been getting with the HT motors except this one had a special brake lever for twin cables.
I had been noticing that the engine would intermittently cut out and that I needed to twiddle the cable at the throttle control end to get it to start.
After 2 weeks of use it has finally become impossible to use and I have had to disconnect it. I have not had to install the ones that came with my HTs because my original kill switch on my twist grip clutch was such quality that it remained on the bike through 4 HT motors but whenever I assembled bikes for others I used the new kill switches and they were of similar low quality with very poorly soldered connections and insulation that often had holes in the plastic that made the unit useless. This is another example of quality fade - the earlier kill switches were better. I will install a proper kill switch on the handle bars but I resent paying for stuff that is totally defective. Given that I live in Australia and the kit came from Montana I don't see them giving me much satisfaction. I'll give it a go though and see.