Grubee KCK long shaft 10G transfer case

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  1. KCvale

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    The production prototype of the new long shaft all bearing transfer case for the short shaft HS142F engines with the clutch attached is in my hands.

    Original 4G housing with the clutch bell mounted on bearings attached to a 20T T-belt pulley...
    To a dual bearing 100T freewheeling T-belt pulley...
    Out to a keyed 5" long 15mm shaft...


    I have already started on a new base mount design to support a carrier bearing on the right.

    This was from almost a year ago when I tried to direct drive the BB dual sprocket from the 4G with couplers...


    The 80T 4G secondary wasn't quite enough but it was the shaft coupling that failed.
    Got a new piece and sprocket options down to 9T keyed 2 set screws fixed.

    And just in case you were wondering about the tensioner, it was cool guys...
    Clockwise pull straight up from the BBs sprocket, and the stock tensioner takes all the return back down around the engine base.

    Not ideal for pedaling but the freewheeling 100T should make that a non issue as well.

    Anyway, just a heads up about yet another odd thing I am playing with now ;-}
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  2. aceinthesky

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    Subscribed, I'm looking forward to buying one of these to replace bushing on 7g.
  3. james65

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    Clean design!
  4. KCvale

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    Like the 4G, the 10G KCK short and long output shaft is for the 142F engine with the clutch attached and no extra engine shaft.

    If you have a 7G you have the other engine with no clutch and really long engine shaft.
    They are not compatible in any way other they use the same T belt.
  5. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor


    Things are moving along AT A FAST PACE NOW.
    ... If you can call a literal slow boat from China fast pace.

    I have a full pallet (30) new 10G regular shafts coming along with 20 Long Shafts and other parts I can swap into them along with some other standard 4G parts and such to fit your 4-stroke transfer case needs.
    Note this transfer case can replace the Stage 3 case on your HS 142F-1G engine.

    I found the perfect bearings for the 15mm shafts carrier bearing locally and though 15mm on the inside, it is the exact same size on the outside as the SickBikes 5/8" jackshaft bearings and held in the same way.

    I secured to process orders with a nice shopping cart system that can do some neat stuff for my end and your end, including pre-ordering if stock is not in yet.
    * Please don't bother to use that yet, you'll know when it's live and ready.

    My initial new base mount design is up at the metal shop to get me the materials bases to make a better universal mount for all these 142F engines for any use.
    In short, a cheap but way better base design to keep your engine on the bike.

    As I transition from building cool bikes to selling kits to DIY guys I have a whole slew of things I have come up with to make life easier including something I have wanted in my own shop for my tools for years...

    They are being printed up now, and again, just around the corner from me, and it's no mom and pop print shop, they can do 1,000,000 units a week if I want and I might need that.

    I just can't go into real detail yet but suffice it so say if you have hand tools like wrenches and sockets constantly subjected to abuse, gas and oil you are going to want this so you can tell what size a tool is in a pile of tools from across the room.

    It's the old adage...
    Those that can, do.
    Those that can't anymore, teach.

    And then there are guys like me ;-}
  6. 2old2learn

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    Sounds exciting KC. I wish you great success. Keep us informed.

  7. KCvale

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    I have neglected to update this project here so let's get up to date.

    Haven't rode it yet, but this base design looks to be the functional base...

    The engine has room to slide all the way forward and the 360 grip U-bolt clamp is still easy to get to.


    It has side tabs to keep the flat part rigid yet bendable for tube angle.

    If need be I'll supply a couple little drilled pieces and bolts to set the angle and keep the shape at the bends via the side tabs.


    The front is the easy part and where extenders for wider frames will go.
    The business end is the back end and transfer case mount.

    The TC has new mount holes to lower the extra long output shaft closer to the base and below the oil filler.
    Yes, it's a breeze to change the oil with a syringe with this design.


    The back piece sports 2 360 grip U-bolts to mount it flat against the back side of the seat post.

    This is what gives you that 3rd strategic mount so the engine has no side to side wobble, both clamps are easy to get to and adjust, and once all 3 are tight nothing moves.

    The main point however is how to get that to the pedal system.
    Just a little engineering and metal work ;-}


    Even on this tight Fito with 3" wide tires and extreme seat angle this design fits right in.

    Both the pedal chain ring and 9T sprocket can be moved laterally for perfect chain alignment, and the little tensioner sprocket has almost no torque against it with engine power, or even with pedal power as the output shaft freewheels at the 100T T-belt pulley, and it is adjustable so no chain tension issues anywhere.

    In fact, this 4-stroke shifting system is actually more sound than direct drive...
    The drive chain is shorter and the tensioner much easier to keep in place.
    Go figure I'd pull that off ;-}
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  8. KCvale

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    Competence is High ;-}


    The stock muffler and carb both fit, and the chain travel is perfect.


    We didn't have time to get to the tank today.
    Cole lost one of the standoff's hehe ;-}

    I am going to pick up a digital speedometer this weekend and once operational we are going to document performance from stock and then with the performance boosts on the same circuit with the same rider including a better plug, better exhaust, and jetting with video.

    That should settle any disputes about what kind of performance can be expected from any upgrade and this system.
  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Almost there...



    The drive is working great ;-}
  10. 2old2learn

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    Too bad you couldn't use that frame for the gas tank and then mount panniers over the tank to hide the motor!

    Looking good KC!
  11. LR Jerry

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    It's look nice so far KC.
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Thanks guys.
    I need to roll it aside for a couple days, I have 2 3-speed electrics and a 4-stroke direct drive to build.
    Darn customers, they keep interfering with my play!
  13. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    This puppy is done, tested, and up for sale so I can build 2 more 10G shifters.



    The long shaft system has worked perfectly for over 3 engine hours (100+ miles) and about as trouble free as you can get, especially if you use an internal geared hub.


    The cargo container with my 30 10G units is not in the US yet but Don sent me a couple of long shafts so can convert 2 more new 4G's to 10G KCK's for those who ordered early, I just don't have my universal mount plate done yet.
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  14. 2old2learn

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    KC, are you being able to power your lights from you engine on this new bike? Bad boy bike!
  15. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    No, the 1200 Lumen CREE headlight is powered by 4 18650 LI batteries.


    Nice batteries for 60 cents each, my 4 pack puts out 7.4V 10A.
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    High Tech Clean Machine! :)
  18. GhettoBike

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    Thanks Moto
    Likewise i like the clean look you have on some of them
  19. KCvale

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    Nice machine work!
    That should hold the engine in place just fine.

    I have taken a shining to the new GT2 gas tank aluminum frame and welding a custom base on that works with my 10G.


    And then I powder coat it.

    I just buy a Fito, and then strip it for all the stuff it needs to complete it.
    Expensive, but good parts ;-}

    Looks like you have a bolt on way, very cool ;-}
  20. Nanonevol

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    You are just so amazing!