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  1. cspaur13

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    how do u order stuff and find out how much it costs??

  2. srdavo

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    the Grubee site is looking for importers. there are no retail sales on that site.

    I believe the site still lists sellers.....? check the "Contact Us" link.
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  3. Macon

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    Do you really need 840 engine kits?

    The last time I checked out the Grubee site it was to see how much the HT 2 strokes would cost if you wanted them wholesale. I never found the answer I was looking for, but I did read somewhere that a 20' container was about 840 units. I wasn't even sure if they will still import them to the US. Maybe that's why you can buy them for a lot less from north of the border. I did though find this interesting site about the engine and it's history. Macon
  4. ocscully

    ocscully Member is the importer of all things Grubee into the US. They have both 4-stroke and 2-stroke kits with their latest shipment but they don't carry everything you see at the Grubee web site. I believe they have the 48/50 cc HT motor with the angled spark plug as the only 2-stroke.