grubee skyhawk 66cc carb

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    I have a Skyhawk 66cc. I need a replacement carb or one that came with it. I want the best one for power and usability. I don't want to have to mess with it constantly. I am not sure which one I came with.

    I was riding yesterday and all of a sudden the carb fell off. The top of the flange just all of a sudden snapped off. Bad casting or something????

    Mods to the bike:

    Stock exhaust extended, and cat gutted
    head shaved flat
    e3 spark plug
    moroso heavy duty spark plug wire
    exhaust flange and intake flange port matched and smoothed out

    all hardware replaced with good stuff

    what carb? what did it come with? Best place to buy it? I know there are a lot of different options. I think that it came with a CNS v3? any way to tell?


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    here is a picture of the carb, came stock with the kit
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    Stay away from the CNS carb, unless you want to become a carb tuning expert. They require lots of tuning, and do not perform any better than a stock NT carb that's jetted correctly. For half the price of the CNS, you can get the RT carb, which is a clone of the Dellorto SHA, a good carb with much fuel atomization. If you shop around on ebay, you can get them with extra jets and the proper cable for less than $30. If you want to spend the extra money, get the Mikuni (read about it on Jaguar's site) it is superior to the CNS in every way, for about the same money.