Grubee SkyHawk GT-5SR SUPER RAT Silver 66/80cc Angle Fire Bike E

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  1. OBXbiker

    OBXbiker New Member

    I'm moments away from ordering a super rat Grubee... anyone out there have one? love it, hate it? I'll be posting pic's of the bike soon. :D

  2. Trix

    Trix New Member

    I have one GT-5 SR and the carb doesn't work....i had to put and NT carb and today i just broke my piston :banghead: tomorrow i will repair it.....overall it's a good motor.......
  3. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Don't go with the CNS carb!!!!! Skyhawk YES, but CNS NO!~
  4. timturbo

    timturbo New Member

    CNS Carb's

    :confused:What is it with these CNS carb's ? Can't anyone get these thing's dialed in with any confidance? I have one that I could not get to work! Had to buy the old NT, and then everything worked great! If it's not broke don't fix it!!!!!!
  5. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    The old ones work great, the new ones suck.

    BGF has a supply of the old ones, I would try to talk to Ricky before purchasing to make sure. He has them at $42 or so with the newer ones for more.

    At least that's what I'm going to do, I want another older one for a new build. I don't have the time or inclination to fix the junker V2 carb if it can even be done:poop:


    I zoomed in on the top and this is the old CNS carb with the clear tube running from the bottom of the float bowl to the barbed vent tube up near the 2 control cables. The newer ones do not have this and it seems the only difference, at least externally.
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  6. Mattdps2

    Mattdps2 New Member

    Grubee Race 80/66cc Black SkyHawk Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit is what im getting from but idk whats the diff between that and the super rat other then 20 bucks
  7. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    Im seriously intrested on more info about this motor from people that have experience with it. is it faster than the standard engines? is it worth the extra money? how long did you use it for before it fell to apart. i was looking into buying this motor or a raw
  8. Thomas

    Thomas New Member

    Holdoff for now !

    It's been five days, since I ordered my exact engine, and HAVE NOT received my UPS tracking number. The people at Gas promised to get back to me, but DO NOT. So unless you want to be like me, hold off, and I will let you know how they treated me. Peace!
  9. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    ouch! no bueno! :confused: there is a dealer like 30min away from where im at, i was just going to go there and pick it up personally, i hate dealing with shipping :ack2:
  10. OBXbiker

    OBXbiker New Member

    I received mine a within 7 days of my order. their site was a little funky, but when I called, I was blown away with their friendliness and ability to make sure I was getting what I ordered... ran into a hicup though, the engine won't fit into the frame I had planed on using, so looks like i'll be on Craigslist list this week looking for a new bike to mount this motor on...
  11. PatTheThird

    PatTheThird New Member

    Super Rat

    Ive bought all my stuff from gasbike. They have made mistakes almost every time, however they have made it right everytime. Call the sales line to ask tech questions. Trying to get a hold of the "shipping department" is futile.
    Yes the super rat is faster. Basically just revs higher and has a tad more punch. IMHO the reg GT-5 is a better all around runner. Im sure my results are atypical.
  12. richirich1113

    richirich1113 Member

    gasbike. net S**KS

    I ordered parts from them and after 2 weeks with nothing i contacted them. They are so rude and unhelpful. I had to open a pay pal dispute, and i was found in favor because they had never even shipped it, yet they tied up my my money for over 6 weeks. I will never give a good review of them. be aware if you order from them they S**K
  13. Daniel_62

    Daniel_62 Member

    yes beware of these guys, There site says Same day shipping, Wrong, I ordered on Sunday and it shipped Wednesday, not really a bad thing, As I am not in a hurry,
    Buts its nearly impossible to get someone on the phone

  14. dodge dude94

    dodge dude94 Member

    Ordered mine on Sunday and got it on Thursday.

    I dunno why you guys are having problems.
    And everything got here alright too.