GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc in -30C weather

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    I'm currently living in a small town in Northern Canada, and I want to use a motorized bike to get around.

    The bike will be kept inside so starting won't be an issue, but I am concerned about how well it'll run when the air temperature is -30C. Can anyone give me some insight?

  2. keatonx

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    Should be fine, carb jetting shouldn't be too off. But will it be driving through alot of snow???? These motors don't have much torque with stock gearing.
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    beast :)

    cold dry air=dense= more in the cylinder to go bang :)

    they ran vw in the antarctic because the aircooled cylinders dont need antifreeze... aircooled for ever.

    you may even need to wrap the cylinder a bit? or knock half the fins off the head...

    im sure the fuel up there is intended for such conditions so it doesnt start getting thick, but heres a thing...oil?

    meh. whatever you run in a snowmobile you would expect to be fine.

    you may have some brittleness issues if it gets too cold... keeping it inside is the idea.

    carby icing... ok. shroud the cylinder so the carb is enclosed in heated air... if it happens.

    sheer conjecture cus theres absolutely no way i would ever ride-live-exist in -30! sometimes i dream but NO!

    -40 maybe cus then i dont have to convert? :jester:

    pictures :)
  4. lazylightning@mail.r

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    I've ridden around in -30 Celcius before. It's great. The only problem is the issue with the cables being brittle. Make sure they are in good condition and well greased. I had a cable break at the lever and I had to rig it back with a tiny bolt and nut to make it work in -30C weather. I wasn't close to home when it broke. I'll tell ya, riding in that weather is alot easier than fixing some tiny sharp little friggin thing!

    You will need to make yourself some spiked tires for ice riding and you will be alot better off if your engine has some real power. But that's another and whole long story. You can pedal and give it gas at the same time and go through snow that is 8 - 10 inches deep with a stock engine. The engine really makes snow bicycling possible.

    The wide and flat headed machine screws have nuts that have been force threaded onto them. I use some old broken inner tubes that I cut lengthwise and glued together to line the inside of the tire so the screw heads dont scratch into the inner tube and it is generally less vlunerable to puncture or pinch holes even in the summer. Geeze, I'm still using a piece of firehose in my front winter tire as a liner!

    A turtle neck, a scarf covering your face with slots for your eyes. Ski goggles in case of falling snow or sleet. And warm gloves, jacket, thermal underwear and so on. Keep warm man! =-)

    y_f0cd3408.jpg y_b3bcdce4 (1).jpg SDC17282.jpg
  5. lazylightning@mail.r

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    I was reluctant to add this video because I was riding with the camera strap in my teeth to film and it sucks. But the first minute or so is interesting. I was driving with a totally stock engine at the time so you can notice the shear weakness in the sound of it. I was riding on the Moscow river and it was about -20 that day. There's a few moments at the end of the video where I stop and fim normally to show way I just drove. But again, that stock engine was so weak in that snow.
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    Вы с ума сошли русский ублюдок!

    Эй, Google Translate теперь имеет фонетическое произношение!

    и это все еще выглядит запутанной!

    yeah, i did actually do a few lessons years ago on cyrillic :) but, what you dont use you tend to lose.

    one day, one day ill afford some thermals and go up there.
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    Online translations still are usually quite off. I am surprised this one worked))) Actually I'm a Yank from Tenessee, on the border with the Commonwealth of Virginia up in the Appalachian Mts.. I've been in Russia for over 20 years though. I dig the chicks, been married a few times and three kids are all here. It's not really so cold here usually. But if you go up to Northern Siberia, you can give your thermals a run for their money ;-)
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    a lot of it is the syntax, and remembering to abbreviate nothing!

    (just that sentence alone could be re written in at least five ways, and as one word here may have three or more meanings depending on context, google does a mighty fine job)

    and sometimes going back and translating back into engrish to make sure helps :)

    notice how i got a naughty word past the auto censor? neat huh? :jester:

    yup. up in the permafrost. thats the type of cold i do want to experience one day. siberia...the place where the natives run around with peeling noses and complaining of the heat when its colder than inside my fridge! :jester:

    well, the guy harvesting mammoth tusks on telly a few nights ago was!

    sorry to hijack, mr OP ;)