Grubee Skyhawk stage 3 rack mount?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by glacknoid, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. glacknoid

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    I want to put my honda 50cc with a stage 3 skyhawk gearbox on a rear rack mount for my girlfriends womens bike. She tried my mens bike with the frame mount and she is too short when stopped to reach the ground and hold it up so I want her to be able to use her bike that she can stand still and hold up so we can go cruising together.

    Anyone have experience with the rack mount kit? Pros and cons.

  2. augidog

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    you can check the reviews area for some stuff, but i'll chime in about rack mounts in general.

    it sounds like you're gonna be putting a LOT of rack-mount on what sounds like a small'll certainly be nifty-fast but it may be more than a bit ungainly for a light rider...

    just food for thought while you wait for feedback on the kit :)
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