Grubee Skyhawk Stage III Rear Mount with Huasheng Engine

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    Grubee Skyhawk Stage III Rear Mount w/Huasheng Engine - Might Trade!

    For Sale (or maybe TRADE)- NEW Grubee Stage III Rear Mount Kit with Huasheng 4 Stroke (also new) and Grubee Stage III Gearbox. Engine has been prepped, runs great, gearbox greased.

    Comes with all parts as shipped. Chain has been shortened, but as long as you are setting it up as a rear mount you should have no problems.

    New cost of this kit was over $400 - I'll sell it for $200 plus shipping (about $30) unless you are local then you can pick up or I will bring it to you.

    Decided to use a friction drive kit as I have more than one bike I may use it on.

    I'm in Burbank, CA ... will ship or deliver locally up to 60 miles.


    I will consider trading the Huasheng engine, with or without the Stage III Grubee Gearbox for a similar like-new engine with clutch, like a Honda GX35..whatever the engine is MUST have a clutch that will work with the friction drive kits and not a shaft (the only reason I am parting with the is nice).

    I would also sell the engine and gearbox without the rear mount kit - Make me a decent offer!

    Basically - I am wanting to get enough out of this to get an engine that will work with the friction drive kit, then I will just buy the kit.

    If anyone has a friction drive kit with engine, hit me up - might buy it.

    Email me if you want photos of the kit.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    This has been sold - please delete this post.