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  1. i was wondering if anyone has heard of these grubee super rat engines? i saw them for sale on the piston bikes website. and i wonder what they are all about. i hear that the cdi is inside the engine (which seems like it might be a pain to me) but other than that i wonder if anything else is different? anybody have one?

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    I have this super rat.....the CNS carb doesn't work.....i had to put an NT carb.......i'm still tuning up.....I will let you know soon with my project
  3. alright, thanks. i wonder what the problem is with the CNS carb? i dont know anything about them. but i think id like to get one. i have a regular NT carb on my SD STINGER engine and it seems to not run very well. i just ordered a whole set of jets for it, that should be here tomorrow. so maybe ill be able to find a jet size that works better than stock and get it tuned in real good. the engine is a real pain. i have to heat it up with a hair dryer or else it will absolutely never start. no matter how hard i try it just wont until i heat it up first. its so dumb! hopefully it wont be that way in warm weather! im almost thinking of getting a pull starter. because peddeling like crazy is hard for me since i have a bad back
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    hey back dont get the pull rope starter it will break in to to three pulls and no refund or exchange sorry keep heating
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    Other than upgraded bearings and an internal CDI, does anything else suggest that this engine has more power than a standard HT? does it have greater displacement, engine compression, or tweaked porting???? If not, Super Rat is a little misleading.

    Would love to have an opinion of this motor from someone who has used other HT engines before. I've got a Dax motor on one of my shifter kits ( has tuned pipe and upgraded carb) but it is much weaker than other brands I've used (BGF, zoombicycles, and kingsmotorbikes). What it lacks in power, it makes up in smoothness and reliability but sometimes a guys gotta have more power.
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    You might want to try a spray product called Aerostart.You just spray it in the carby before you try to start the motor.