Grubee three piece pedal kit

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  1. I just got the new grubee kit in. They give you a three piece pedal kit instead of the one piece they used to give. I can't figure out how it works(like where the bearings go and such). If anyone has any information then I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks:rolleyes7:

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  3. Thanks thats what I needed!:tt1:
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    Spindle Incompatability?

    You may want to do some more research/checking, as I do not believe the two bottom bracket spindles are interchangeable. The Long 9in.+ spindle of the new Grubee set-up is designed to work with the old style european cup & bearing setup the adapter bb that SBP sells is designed to convert the larger dia. BMX/Cruiser BB shell to take a 3-piece bb Spindle and the spindel it uses is threaded on both sides to accept the adjusting cones and locknuts. The spindle that comes with the SBP kit is not long enough to accomadate the seperate Sprocket and its mounting hub. I also don't think the SBP spindle is long enough for the cranks to clear the width of the 4-stroke motor and gearbox. You could get away with the SBP adapter spindle if you can find a pair of the old style Grubee wide cranks or the older pair of wide cranks sold with the HOOT Gearbox kits. You also may want to call the bicycle-engines folks ad see if they will be getting any more of the wide one piece cranksets in soon. Last year they only had the onepiece crankset available and if you needed the 3-piece they could not help you . With this shipment they only got the 3-piece set-up and your out of luck if you need the one piece. I don't understand why they don't have/offer both? It just dosen't make sense not to have both available, if your in the business of selling motor kits to mount on bicycles?

    I just went to the bicycle-engines .com site and they have anadpter bb set to make the grubee 3-piece fit the larger BMX/Crusier BB shell

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    You will need these parts to use the long spindle in a one piece crank shell. louis and