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    Did some searching and reading on post very well might not be here or I am missing the mark.

    Anyway the China import 50-80cc engines or said to be all the same basically. With Chinas love for cloning things I can buy that.

    The Question is what are they a clone of, the original engine that started it all so to speak.

    Next is there a tech manual with diagrams schematic and tables for torques etc.. A PDF would be great.

    GT Good Times, CG China Girl, CD China Darling. I do not even know all the brand names either and plants that make them.
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    do a search on the Russian D series engines.
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    Here's something I found on the original Russian engines.

    To my knowledge there are no PDF for the chinese bike engines, and believe me I've researched plenty in the past 2 1/2 years.

    They are all a lot alike. Manufacturers use the same CDI's, magnetos, carburetors etc. They out source these parts to suppliers who build parts for the few remaining manufacturers who are basically assemblers who put their brand name on them. Many parts are interchangeable but some aren't.

    There is some variety between pistons, cylinder jugs, and cranks.

  4. dan+1

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    Thanks, I am so spoiled by chilton manuals. lol
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