GT LTS 5 (4130 cro-mo full suspension MTB)

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    No pics yet. Sorry!
    I just scored a whole classic LTS 5 bike, on fleaBay and felt like doing a little gloaty glory victory dance. :p

    It is going to delay my build again, oh well! I had settled on using an alloy rigid MTB hybrid bike I have already, worried about missing the summer! But I think it will be worth it, for a better build. :)

    I will have to get a disc brake conversion plate from the USA as the LTS 5 pre-dates discs so only has v-brake bosses. A v-brake on the rear and a disc on the front will be okay to start with though. :)
    It will take a ages to build anything now because half my shift kit budget just went on this frame. Oops! :oops:
    It is the huge 20" size with a level toptube so plenty big enough even with the shift kit and a big head.
    The down tube is 35mm. I think that means I can mount the front engine mount directly to it, hope so anyway.

    There is ANOTHER GT LTS5 cro-mo frame currently on the USA fleabay, by the way?!! It's in Ohio and the guy will mail it. I think it's the 19" so a great size, although it does have elastomer suspension not proper suspension but it could be replaced with a spring like mine or turned into a hardtail for a while. I would be happy if it went to someone from the forum. :)

    Sorry for the nothing-to-show-yet post lol, I'm just very excited! *does victory dance* :D:p:D:D
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  2. Hello Moto!

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    Direct mounting to the frame would be ideal. Seems like most all newer bikes have thicker down tubes. Unless of course your motorizing a road or city bike lol. I'd like to see some pics when you can get em posted. GT is a quality bike man.
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    35mm downtube looks like it might be okay with a direct mount but I would have to sort out the angle of the mount/ clamp recess. I'm not sure what I can do about the stud holes and whether they would put up with being angled slightly off. I thought about bending the SBP studs and then screwing n' gluing them in. Still not sure. It is tempting to try something, with it being so close to fitting the diameter of the engine clamp/mount recess. Okay this would be better with photos I agree!
  4. Hello Moto!

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    Yeah ya kinda lost me there lol. Think will fit! Or it will be persuaded to fit lol.