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  1. rananthan3

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    I recently purchased the GT2A bike frame

    along with the following engine kit

    has anyone with no mechanical experience built this successfully? Any tips for n00bs like me?

    I read that the GT2A-S is for 4 stroke. Is the GT2A also for 4 stroke? Hopefully I bought the right engine/frame.

    thanks for your help

  2. Timbone

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    I've never mounted one of those engines but you may have an issue with the aluminum pedestal motor mount, simply because they look like they are really engineered for HT engines.

    There's LOTS of room in the frame for the motor and carb so you can probably fit it in just above the motor mount. Heck, if it's really a problem, you can simply saw it off! No biggie!

    One bit of info: the thread coming out of the gas tank is a 1/8 FIP (female plumbing thread). A million different ways you can go with that.

    Good luck with your build.

  3. KCvale

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    Nice combo.
    The GT2A-S that is supposed to be for a 4-stroke is actually too tight for it.


    The frame you got should work better.
    There is a new version coming too with a disc brake boss that is wide enough for 3" tires.

    The 4G is a top notch transfer case as well.

    Are you going to run direct drive?
    I went with a sickbikeparts 4-stroke shift kit and an internal 3-speed rear wheel.
    Since you need a pedal crank assembly and back wheel anyway it isn't that expensive to give your engine gears.
  4. Neufcruz

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    will this be basically the same frame and when is thus expected to come out? Cost?
    i really want to get started on this project and was about to pull trigger on this exact frame and then decide on engine.
  5. KCvale

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    That 4-stroke GT2A-S is not what you want, the S stands for Straight, referencing the down bar being straight opposed to it being in an S shape.
    I know, dumb.

    The actual S shaped downtube is the 2-stroke model that will work better for your 4-stroke.
    Tire width if memory serves is 2 1/4", hence the new frame design to accommodate 3" tires and a disc brake.

    That should be fine to make a nice 4-stroke direct drive with no tire issues and get you in the game.
    The new cool stuff to make a 4-stroke 3-speed shifter with 3" wide wheels and dual disc brakes is late summer time frame.

    Get your feet wet with a build is my advice for now.
    Then in time you can sell that one with some experience and try the next coolest thing ;-}
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    KC is highly respected and liked. His advice for free is a gift.
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  9. KCvale

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    That is an old build but helpful info.
    The only welding was the base but you shouldn't have to mess with that with the S shaped frame you ordered, the SBP base should work fine.

    Your bottom bracket, sprockets and crank arms are covered with the shift kit, you just need pedals.

    I'll get back with you about the front fork and wheels, busy day today...
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