Gt2b 48cc. Racing Carb Or Call Cnc. Carb

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mpnavarro1, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. mpnavarro1

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    I have a 48cc skyhawk motor with a racing Carb....the engine starts but it doesn't go faster than 7mph...I already tried the needle settings from 1-4.....& the only way it stays on is by holding the throttle open just to make it stay on. I already played with the choke it doesn't make a difference. ....& I disconnected the kill switch....can somebody please help me::confused:

  2. skrufryder

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    um did u set the idle screw then set the air/fuel mixture screw if that dosent work try to go down in jet size if u have to hold it open it may not be getting enuf air to fuel. when you hold the trottle open its adding air.
  3. mpnavarro1

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    The instructions in the kit said that the idle set and airmixer are factory set. I Wazz going to mess with the idle and airmixer screw.the instructions said not to mess with them but I think i'm probably going to have too. Which screw is the airmixer &which one is the idle screw. I am going to break the seal they have:idea:
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    when looking at the pic above the air/fuel is the left screw and the idle is the right try to set the idle first then try to adjust the air/fuel you wont bake any seals the threads on the screws create a seal
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  5. Rconce01

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    Those two vertical vents up top need to be open, i think you have then blocked off.

    see image
  6. motorpsycho

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    yes, take those hoses off the 2 vertical vent tubes and leave the tubes open. they are vents and if they are blocked, it will create a vacum in the float bowl and the carb will have a hard time drawing fuel into the cylinder.
    there is also a tube at the back of the carb that goes into the intake throat of the carb (you have a long hose on it.)
    that is a vacuum port and it must be plugged or the carb is going to suck in extra air and create a vacuum leak.
    but it's possible that you have something going on with your throttle. remove the air cleaner and double check that the carb slide (inside the carb) is going all the way up and down when you twist and release the throttle.