GT5 SR installed and running... sort of!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by OBXbiker, Apr 28, 2011.

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    got my Grubee Super Rat installed on my Rover. It took a while to get the clutch cable dialed in, still not sure i have it completely right. When it did turn over MAN O MAN! super fun!!!!

    couple of kinks to work out,
    - rear hub is a little wobbly? not sure how tight it should be...
    - gotta find the sweet spot on the clutch cable, keeps loosing up on me.
    -adjust the carb, i think its too rich, having a hard time starting it i think its bogging and not firing...

    any suggestions on how to find the sweet spots on the carb and clutch without the use of a hill. I live on a very flat island... oh and pictures to come. :cool:

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    Got the hub dialed in thanks to a helping hand from one of the bike shops here. I went to 2 different shops, but the first guy was a pansey and said he wouldnt tighten the hub cause it has a motor on it. Guy wouldnt even loan me a spanner wrench claiming he has a provisional license that excluded anything with a motor. What a bunch of mess, so as a business you can loan a tool to a guy in the parking lot cause it would violate some rule... really?!? . But the second shop was super helpful and actually gave me some good advise about chain lube, and breaking in the carby and what not. So thanks helpful bike shop guy, and a big FORGET YOU to kittyhawk cycles.

    Took a quick ride after the tune up of the hub and my love for my bike is growing!
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    OH MAN OH MAN!!! just added lights to the rig and took a 40 min ride this evening! Holy Schnikes! she ran so good. took me a little while to figure out when to pull off the choke but when i did it idled beautifully! still breaking it in but without giving it a lot of throttle i was up to 20 mph in no time! noticed a little sputtering when the choke wasn't all the way out but that cleared up and i was getting very smooth accelerations once it got warmed up. grinning ear to ear right now!
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    OBXbiker's GT5 SR Rover

    here are some pics of my SUPER RAT project :tt1:

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