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  1. 45u

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    Wondering about the Sky Hawk Super Rat GT5-SR if there is a problem with it or is this is a good motor? I am unable to find any one in the US that sells them. Any one have one here and how are they.

  2. 45u

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    I have been told they are not imported to the US as they do not meet EPA regulations. I did find one place that does sell all the part to build one but it is expensive. Will not be long before the US will out law all 2 cycles even on law equipment CA is all ready like that.
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    I'll never not own a 2 stroke. I know them inside and out and sure as hell don't want a 4 stroke chainsaw or weed whacker, or god forbid electric. I've been down that road before and electric lawn equipment is a total nightmare.
  4. 45u

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    If you notice they not longer allow the big brand motorcycle companies from selling 2 cycle motorcycles. Has not been a EPA approved 2 cycle engines on the streets in YEARS. I have a 4 cycle leaf blower. Will not be long before all law equipment EFI.