guess what? my motor choked itself!

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    Sure enough I was bombing down the road on the way home when my power dropped way off. then the engine died. Fortunately I was moving at a pretty good clip so I glided along for awhile, then I stopped and looked at my ride. Checked my gas tank- plenty of fuel, Checked my CDI-looked good. Finally checked the choke on the carburetor and it was in the up position. Looks like I happened to hit the correct frequency to rattle my choke so it caused the motor to choke itself.
    any Idea on how I can keep this from happing again? Other than that it seems to run like a champ. After
    new spark plug wire(up graded to shielded)
    new spark plug(got a "hotter" one)
    new CDI(old one just quit)
    new gas tank(old one leaked out of one of the bolts)
    new carburetor(old one leaked)
    new throttle/kill switch(after about six months, It just shattered in my hand)
    New hardened mounting bolts and a bracket that I welded onto the seat tube because the old ones broke off flush with motor.
    Finally: new block when the retaining ring for the piston wrist pin got swallowed by the motor and locked up the engine like a vice.

    Other than that this has been a very reliable and dependable form of transport.:whistling:

    Mike Frye

  2. AussieSteve

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    Mike, have you tried tightening the nut on the choke pivot?
  3. retromike3

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    Well it looks like a quick fix. I wasn't looking in the right spot.

    Thanks' for the idea.
    Mike Frye
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  4. AussieSteve

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    No worries. (Haven't had to do it myself, yet.)
    Might pay to add a drop of Loctite afterwards, so the nut can't move.
  5. retromike3

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    done and over :)

    Man I wish all of my problems were fixed that easy! On to the next catastrophe.

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