Guiness Book of Records - "longest MB journey"???

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    Guinness Book of Records - "longest MB journey"???

    I came across a "longest journey on a motorized bicycle" controversy this morning, and after 20-30 minutes of chasing the story down with my clicker, I hit a dead end.

    The dispute is all about e-bikes, (and the links I've posted might give our e-forum some ideas??)....what I was interested in was IF there were any marks established for the "under 50 cc" crowd.

    My dead end was the actual Guinness Book of World Records website, 5 searches using various wordings brought up zero results.

    The e-bike broo-ha-ha starts with a ride for charity by an English retiree, which is getting publicity world wide (twas an Aussie newspaper that first brought it to my attention.)

    From gizmag:

    Powabyke being the primary sponsor had its own press release last week...
    The dispute, as to vehicle AND distance comes from a site called

    (did you notice the little ???? I had in the article above)

    So, the e-bike crowd does have mileage markers established, and I tried to see if there were any endurance claims using the 25cc and 33cc 2 cycles engines, or the 35cc 4 strokes, the 3 engines I'm familiar with.

    Well, Guinness Book of World Records doesn't work (for me, anyway). I invite an MBer with better skilz to please try and find an "under 50cc" record !!

    I'd just like to see what the rules are for making endurance claims, what type of record keeping is required, etc etc etc.

    If you're going to take a week or two roaming aimlessly lost, like I do, might as well see if you could claim to be the "most lostest on a bike with an engine".

    And if TEAMwork can make a world record claim, what is to stop our group of crazies to collectively build a bike and take turns, swapping batteries back and forth, knocking out 6,000 miles in under 60 days?
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    YOU are the holder of the world record, in my opinion. I would still be in a hospital if I rode as far as you did.
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    What interested me was "they", "117 days" and "5,349 miles":

    "they" means a relay team.

    5,329 miles divided by 117 days equals 45.5 miles per day.

    These guys must be like NASCAR, multi-sponsorships, using one particular brand of e-bike.

    While we could easily build a Frankenbike, using the accumulated wisdoms and parts which we know work.

    And IF we could get the Frapper feature working, that motorized mongrel could be passed from point A to B to C in a semi-organized fashion.

    5,350 miles would be the target, an odometer be the measurement, and I do 45.5 miles just to run to the county seat and gorge out at the Chinese buffet.

    My best 2 days were around 280 miles, but 200 is a snap, if you have enough batteries. That is the main sponsor we could seek, the battery people, (and the saddle people, and the tire/tube people).

    But the secret weapon would be the experimental MB bike, tweaked to be a magic carpet ride.
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    Of interest, the Race Across America starts June 17 in Oceanside CA, 3000 miles to Annapolis MD. It ends June 29, but I think some folks can do it in 8 days of 22 hours of riding per day !!

    There is a pdf heavy map here, I dunno how I would post it:

    But here are some of the time stations they list:

    * Time Station 5 - Congress, AZ
    * Time Station 31 - Camdenton, MO
    * Time Station 40 - Oxford, OH
    * Time Station 41 - Blanchester, OH
    * Time Station 51 - Mt Airy, MD

    I know they ***** about Kansas slowing them down. Some guitar player from Rage Against the Machine (or Alice in Chains???) is one of the celebrity riders, and then there are some famous bikers too.

    Maybe an MBer could chase them for an action photo??
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    The Guiness record was made in 1978 by Walter Muma a CANADIAN ! of 11500 miles (18660 km) see his record at it was made on a 50cc French machine a Mobylette this record held until 2007. It was broken by Denieulle Benoit with a 27270 km journey thru Europe and Asia !! they must have grew 4 inches of flesh on their butts !! See his picture below read it an incredible trip Toronto to Alaska plus the Yukon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The above trip was done before road traffic was heavy--wish i had done it instead of working !!
  8. That trip also was done during the hippy days of the 70's. I don't mean to imply anything to detract from the feat I just know hippies took each other in feeding and housing without doing a background check.
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    Yes, we hitchhiked across the country, and "crashed" on kind strangers floors. Even the girls hitchhiked. The times may have questionably been gentler, but we were naive as well. 1978 was at the very far end of the hippie era, in my opinion. Prime hippiedom was 1967-1974. Sigh....I miss those times.
    "I don't need to watch the movie...I lived it" -Pee Wee Herman, Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
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    I move to Penticton in 1973 and the hippie thing was in full swing-in Ontario where i came from it was over for almost 10 years--ill never forget meeting a guy and his old school bus with chickens in it....another one was on a 48 Ford 3 ton with a camper and stained glass windows on a beautiful cedar shake cottage with a small spiral staircase--an incredible work of art---there was a book about these campers called roll your own.
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    At 15 i hitchiked across Ontario with a friend and thot nothing of it
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    I can remember hitchhiking. Great way for adventure, and meeting new people. Be a long walk nowadays..........what happened?????
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    Since I chased down some more info, Benoit's journey was stopped by a thief:

    You would need a French translation to get details from Benoit himself, but I'm betting on uphill climbs, he had to walk his heavily laden moped to the top.

    Hey Canada, can you help a Yank out and convert km per day, and to miles per day avg, so we can get the gist of it ?!?!

    The Moped Riders Association went off topic so quick, I never could figure out how many days Benoit was on the moped.........

    If you can read French, maybe the answer is here:

    I got the miles converted: 16,944.79 miles, that's > 5 + trips from Charleston SC to San Diego.
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