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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by corim123, Oct 28, 2011.

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    GX200 Clone Parts Dyno-Cam CL1M 18LB Springs Piston Head Connecting Rod

    I've just bought a Dupor U-Build it kit and might be upgrading some parts further before I use these. So I'm going to have a 18LB valve spring set, CLMi Cam, stock cam, stock springs, stock piston head and stock connecting rod for sale. Wiling to ship anywhere in the US, for a fair price. Make me an offer and we can cut a deal. All this stuff is completely unused as I haven't even fired up the engine.
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    Also note that I'm willing to beat retailer prices on these. Say like $20 for the CL1M when I've seen most retailers asking $30. Shoot me a PM so I can get this stuff gone! Not looking to make a lot, just trying to get something out of my investment.
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    The CL1M is on eBay right now but the rest is still up for grabs.