GX35 Honda with CVT Pusher Trailer

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    I have just installed a GX35 on my pusher trailer, and i wanted to share my experiences in the first ten hours of use.
    Firstly, I ordered the engine from Small engine warehouse- $260 after shipping, built the trailer and installed it, and filled with oil like the manual with it said, i was using a 20" heavy duty bmx wheel and pocket bike cvt.
    I went for the first test ride, and all was great for 10 minutes, then it quickly lost power and died. I pedaled to the nearest gas station for a soda to let it cool and look for problems, but none were obvious other than really hot. Waited 30 minutes and it started first pull, resumed my ride to friends house 3 more miles, hot as heck again. this time I let it cool completely for an hour and rode it home- it was a bit faster than before. Riding in short hops for the next 5 hours made it seem like it was getting happier. I had installed a digital tach/hourmeter for this valuable info. Oil change time- 7 hrs- just unbolted the engine and tipped it up to drain into a pan, wow, crap, a metallic sheen to the used oil! I dont know if the small amount of oil that was originally in the engine might have been zinc fortified break in oil or if the motor is already dying??? I have now put another 2 hours on it and I dont really see as much metal on the dipstick, so I will change the oil again in a few days and we shall see...
    Other than this metallic oil, I like the little engine, and it is so quiet being way back on the end of the trailer, Im pretty happy with it! The chinese cvt on the other hand has already started squealing from the driven pulley shaft bearing, so a replacement timken american made equivalent will be installed throughout the transmission next week.

    God Bless American Bearings!
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    OK, well I now have 550 miles on the GX35 motor, couldn't be happier! I change the oil every week, because there is about 6 changes per quart, and I just use the cheaper stuff from autozone, here in south Florida at about 20 ft above sea level, I have to start with full choke for 30 seconds and then run it with 25% choke or it just runs too lean- does anyone know where i can score a jet to cure the problem? DSCN0900.jpg
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    Pretty sweet setup. Do you think that maybe it might be that the engine is enclosed in that orange plastic that it is not getting enough air flow. That might be the reason why it is running hot.
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    I now have 600+ miles on her and am ready to replace the rear tire, overheating problems went away after 5 hours of break-in.
    switching to full synthetic castrol in the next change, couldn't be happier at the moment. Fabricated a streamlined fairing over the last few days, just a first attempt, so don't laugh... 20140724_160925.jpg 20140724_160806.jpg
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