GX50 or TLE43-47 Commute with Hill?


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4:26 AM
Sep 28, 2008
Los Angeles
Im looking for a decent engine to get me home with a friction drive setup. My commute is 15miles each way 2-3 days a week. About 13 miles flat and a good 1-2miles up a big fairly steep hill. I want to keep a good cruise speed at 30-35mph. on the flats. Im not to concerned about a rebuild but it is a good 30mile commute. Im looking at the GX50 but i have read some good threads on the TLE47 or maybe 43.

What would the experts suggest? How are the 49cc chinese engines compareable?

I currently have a 33cc Poulan Chainsaw setup, but i think its over heating trying to keep a 33mph cruising speed. It'll run for about 10 min. then It will lose power, shut down, then start up about 10min. later. it has a new plug, filter, clean carb, and smooth gas lines. I'll have to play with the tuning, it might be too rich. It got me up over the hill, with some good peddle assisting.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I know, sorry about that. I figured this forum would be more appropriate for my question. Not sure how to delete the other one, i didn't see it in the edit I'll check again. Maybe one of the administrators can help me out.
Yeah, maybe they'll help you out.

To your question: IMO, you won't go wrong with either Honda or Mitsu.
I have both a Robin and a Mitsu engine, not sure which I like better.

The 4 stoke is smoother and quieter with more torque at low end, the 2 stroke has more zip on the top end.

How much do you weigh and do you carry baggage?

The TLE43 is a good engine, should have plenty of power. The Honda 50 is too, though it weighs more.
If weight and small size is a concern choose the Mits. If overall power is your thing go with the honda. I personally have 2 mits engines, one on friction drive, and I love them. With a top speed of 35mph you may have trouble getting up those hills though. 35mph is also quite dangerous on a bicycle. Given your short commute you should really trim down your top speed needs to a more reasonable 27-30mph peak.
The bike is an aluminum frame and i weigh 145lbs. My cruising speed would be at 25-30mph but it would be nice to be able to get to 35mph when i need a bit more punch to get out of tight spots. Im figureing 10-15MPH up hills.

Thanks for the tips. Im kinda swaying more towards the GX50 because of its less maintenance. I do like the punch of a 2 stroke but there is always the concerns of the rebuild and keeping it tuned right.
2 strokes have less maintenance. The problem with gearing your rig to peak at 35mph and climbing a hill at 10-15mph is you're gonna bog the engine possibly overheating it or more likely just burn your clutch to death. I personally don't see why you need to get out of tight spots. Don't try to act like a motorcycle around these cagers. Ride it like it is, a motor assisted bicycle. You'll still get there twice or three times as fast as a pedal bike without pushing the machine to its limits. If you want over 30mph the only safe way is with a motorcycle or a moped/scooter with performance parts.
But hey, its your life. Good luck on your project.
The Chinese 4-stroke HueSheng engine is very good & represents exceptional value,but if u have the spare money i would go for the Honda....it's probably the best 4-stroke engine of it's kind in the world.
Keep your Poulan engine and install a 2.2 hp Mitsubishi engine and friction drive on the other wheel. With the correct size roller, you WILL maintain a good cruising speed AND fly over hills, especially with slight pedal assist.

Your ailing engine will thank you. A 30-35mph cruising speed would strain either engine, but not both.