gxh 50 "form a gasket sealent" malfunction?

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    hello, i was having trouble w/the carb leaking around the bowl..applied some gasqet sealant..let it sit overnight..started blowing black smoke the next day..realized was a dumb:dunce: mistake..took carb apart & thouroughly cleaned with gasoline...cleaned & dried the(let chamber dry too) sparkplug...reassembled & fired up again w/ the engine began revving &(hand throttle not functioning @ this point) decellerating itself up & down several times befor stalling...ok i have also cleaned the tank again & double checked to clear the main & smaller gas cock filters & fuel flow seems not a problem there...just wondering if i mayve done some internal damage from the sealant entering and/or is there a way to clean any possible residue out of the engine there without any major disassembly?:thinking: any help greatly appreciated!:cool2:
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