gxh 50 stalling issue

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Bob Mac, Jul 18, 2012.

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    I've been chasing a stalling issue with my honda that has been driving me nuts. For weeks now i'm driven to insanity with this problem. I would take off to cross a busy intersection and it would stall right in the middle. I'm going to get killed on this thing. Week after week I dive into the problem only to end up with the same result. Finally yesterday I found the problem. The low oil cutoff. I found this only by accident. I went to change the oil and realized their's only 1/4 of a qt. in the motor. When the bike would start out, it would send the oil to the back of the motor and away from the oil cutoff switch. This would activate the switch to shut it down. Then I would start it back up and start to accelerate and it would shut down again and again and again. It would not go up a hill either without shutting down. Their's lots more to this story but too much to type. It's now back to it's reliable self again. Honda motor with ez motorbike trans. The absolute best combo on the market. Others mileage may very. Thanks for listening. Frustrated no more Bob Mac :cool:

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    You've got to love an engine that does its job!

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