gy6 scootor 4 stroke

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    Have a look at the dimensions and the weight (23Kg) - its not practical, they are also a splined driveshaft to fit a 12 or 13" rear tyre.
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    From my experience in working with these GY6 (knockoff) engines, I worked and owned two of them, and BOTH of them had stock electrical issues!

    Never could find the problem with the last engine, I would have to give a thumbs down on buying this.

    As stated above, at nearly 50 pounds in weight, she is heavy and very bulky in size!
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    Yeah it's a bit on the heavy side.
  5. I'm doing it right now with a BMX.
    The wheel on the motor assembly will be used as the rear wheel of the bike,
    and I'm doing front wheel drive (cruzbike recumbent style)
    Check Recumbents for my thread....
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    So many issues with doing this on a bicycle.

    I can't begin to imagine adapting the gy6 axle to a bike tire. The motor is also, heavy, large, air cooled, CVT, vibrates like crazy, you would need at least a 12v motorcycle battery, real carburetor, different controls, brakes etc....
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    Yes and no. Couple of years ago I used a Honda aero to build a pusher cargo trailer. If I loaded it up, it could be scary. :sweatdrop:
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    just get a motorcycle
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    took the words right outta ma mouth! :eek:
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    Don't laugh, It's been done before... Tadpole recumbent though. I like it actually, but it doesn't make sense unless you already have a wrecked scooter with a good engine you just want to salvage.

    Otherwise a smaller and lighter setup would be better and faster, both under power and as a bike. This gy6 tadpole "bicycle" below doesn't look fun to pedal, I think he just made it "look like a bike" to get around laws. Notice the rear pull handle, I think he knew it was horriblly heavy and unweildy as a bike, or figured it out soon enough, and put that there to just walk with it should it break down. Especially should you have to go uphill pedaling I'd probably just walk with it too. It would be ok to pedal across a flat park to avoid a ticket but that's about it.

    It really would require (and does have) motorcycle wheels to be safe with a motor that heavy, heavier frame, motorcycle tires, motorcycle brakes, master cylinder, etc, all that heavier stuff adds up fast. but if your goal is to go faster than bicycle speeds maybe that would make sense. Don't forget the 20lb stock muffler, which isn't included in the 50lb+ engine weight, that alone is pracitcally as heavy as other whole 50cc bicycle engines. Oh and battery, cdi, and gas tank isn't incuded in that 50lbs either but they can run with a cap in place of a battery if you are determined.

    This on the other hand is probably just as powerful if not more so depending on engine, yet half the weight and still a bicycle you could pedal:

    But you wouldn't want to go 50mph + on bicycle wheels either...

    If you do want that speed or more, why not just go with the 150cc gy6. The 50 gy6 is very underpowered for it's weight and the 150 is practically the same weight and size because it's basically the exact same engine, just with a different top end. Maybe 10lbs difference but probably more like 5lbs difference.

    I have a 150cc gy6 scooter. Funny enough it did have electrical issues and that's why I bought it. It was the stator pickup then the cdi too, but it has been reliable since I replaced them. I have honestly thought of hacking the scooter up and making a trike out of it like the first one, may actually do it since I do have the thing already and don't use it as a scooter. When I want to ride a motorcycle I have a little 250 I ride and only got the scooter because it was dirt cheap and practically brand new. I bought it dead for $120, and fixed the cdi and stator pickup for less than $20. That was for a 2008 model 150cc with only 50 miles on it. Whoever had it before me didn't even register the thing on the road, it broke down before he made it that far and then he decided to sell it off when he couldn't find a scooter shop in our area that would work on chinese scoots at the time. Lucky for me he wasn't mechanical. He probably lost over $1k on it. :)

    I guess it depends on your goals. Either looks like it would be a blast, but the 50cc gy6 is probably a worse option than a lawnmower/go cart engine except for it already having a cvt transmission built in. The second one's engine is more the size/weight of a 4 stroke weedwacker and if it's a 50cc, equally as powerful but 20 some pounds vs 50 some. The 150gy6 I really do like though, now that I know how to fix it, but like I said I just have a better bike to ride so may chop the scoot for the **** of it. The 150 would make a light little sled like above seriously move. Suicide machine...

    (wow that's censorship when you can't even say h e double hockey sticks. Where is this site china?) I can understand kids being here and all but I wouldn't even correct a 5 year old for saying that word. Censoring that makes it seem like I actually said a "bad word" and probably put something much worse in everyones head than no censoring of that word at all would have.

    Yes I'm obviously new here. :) Sorry for my rough tone, it's the motorcyclist in me.
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    Gy6 Bicycle

    To answer your question, yes its possible. But it needs a lot of support since the GY6 is very heavy.

    Here is my prototype design.

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