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    Considering that this model has a relatively small engine (1,450cc & 100 horsepower) it gets the machine to 85 knots max air speed.
    Having said that, they are an amazing bit of kit with unique flying characteristics; being able to auto-rotate like a maple leaf falling from a tree; having ridiculously low sink rates; putting a helicopter to shame.

    Having flown in a helicopter, and comparing it to a gyrocopter, these things seem to defy the laws of physics - hard to get your brain around the fact that they should fall out of the sky at what would normally be high stall angles for any other type of aircraft (helicopter included), but somehow they just hover (with input power) at stupid angles of attack, and if pushing past the point of no return, you get a gentle level of rotor decay and an almost linear level (and equallly gentle) loss of altitude, which is easy to bring back to recovered control.


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    Yarra Valley? My ex-wife grew up in Wandin East. Great countryside. My in-laws had a neighbor who used to fly a helicopter right off his paddock.
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    Yarra Valley is spot on, and picturesque it is. The airfield is at Dixons Creek.

    I spend a bit of time cycling down the Warburton Trail to the Seville Carriage Cafe; passing through Wandin along the way.