H.T. chrome gas tank

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by flyer1, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. flyer1

    flyer1 Guest

    Wondering if anyone has a tear drop style gas tank lying around that they are willing to part with.Also,will these tanks fit on on a crossbar that has the brake/gear cables running along the top? Thanks...Bill

  2. tanks

    Hi I have a bunch of tanks availble PM me

  3. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    no they wont fit with the cables. you just get full length cable housing and grind off the cable guides
  4. wayde

    wayde Guest

    all i did is put a small nut between tank and frame, tighten and i was good to go
  5. flyer1

    flyer1 Guest

    Tank spacer?

    Wayde, I have never seen these tanks up close,if I understand you just used a nut as a simple spacer to clear the cables.Thanks for response guys.
  6. wayde

    wayde Guest

    yes as a simple s p a c e r lol
    works great no problems at all with it